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Operandio’s food safety software can…

Provide automated label generation

Operandio food safety software can generate product labels automatically based on data entered into the system. This can include information such as ingredient lists, nutritional information, allergen statements, and country of origin labeling.

Operandio - remote temperature monitoring

Keep your food safe

Operandio food safety software can provide real-time temperature monitoring of food products, helping to ensure that they are stored and transported at the correct temperatures to prevent spoilage and ensure food safety.

Operandio - Intelligent sensors & remote temperature monitoring

Take the hassle out of temperature logging

Operandio food safety software automates the logging of temperature data and other important information, reducing the risk of human error and ensuring that records are accurate and up-to-date.

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Keep you up-to-date with alerts and notifications

Operandio food safety software can send alerts and notifications to users when certain conditions are met, such as when temperature thresholds are exceeded or when a piece of equipment needs maintenance. This helps to ensure that potential issues are addressed quickly, before they become bigger problems.

Make sure food safety tasks get completed

Operandio food safety software can help to manage tasks and workflows related to food safety, such as scheduling equipment maintenance, conducting safety checks, and training employees on food safety protocols.

Operandio - Recurring digital tasks checklists and procedures

Keep your business compliant

Operandio food safety software can help businesses to manage compliance with Australian health standards, helping businesses reduce the risk of foodborne illness, protect their customers and their reputation, and ensure that they are operating within the law.

Operandio - Improve staff accountability with simple reporting

Analyse data and compile reports

Operandio food safety software can provide data analysis and reporting tools that help businesses to identify trends and patterns related to food safety, and to make data-driven decisions about how to improve their operations.

Operandio - API and Integrations

Integrate with other systems

Operandio food safety software can integrate with other systems, such as inventory management or point-of-sale systems, to provide a comprehensive view of operations and ensure that all data is consistent and accurate.

Operandio - monitor real time staff performance

Do on-the-go monitoring and reporting

Operandio food safety software can be used to monitor and report on food safety tasks while on-the-go, using your mobile or tablet device. This feature provides greater flexibility and convenience in managing tasks such as temperature monitoring, compliance reporting, and team communication with this safefood app system for efficient management.

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Offer flexibility through cloud-based solutions

Operandio food safety software cloud-based solutions offer flexibility in accessing data from multiple locations or devices allowing multiple users to work on the same documents simultaneously, increasing collaboration and productivity.

What features come with Operandio’s various solutions?

With Operandio’s food safety software, and their task checklist software and temperature monitoring system, your business gets access to the following features;

Automated food labeling

Automated labeling is Operandio’s most recent software feature that allows businesses to generate and print labels for their products automatically.

In the food and beverage industry, automated labeling can be particularly useful for ensuring compliance with food safety regulations, as they can create labels that include information such as expiration dates, batch numbers, and allergen warnings. The software can then generate these labels automatically based on the product information stored in the system.

This can help businesses reduce the risk of errors or inconsistencies in labeling, which can lead to costly recalls or regulatory fines. Additionally, automated labeling can help businesses save time and improve efficiency by eliminating the need for manual label creation and printing.

Operandio - remote temperature monitoring

Remote temperature monitoring

Remote temperature monitoring is a software feature that allows businesses to monitor and track the temperature of their products, equipment, or facilities automatically.

With automated temperature monitoring, businesses can set up sensors or other monitoring devices to track temperature data in real-time. The software can then analyse this data, alerting employees or managers if temperatures fall outside of acceptable ranges. This can help businesses prevent spoilage, minimise waste, and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Franchise Operations & Digital Checklist Software.jpg

Checklist templates

Task checklist templates are a useful tool for businesses that need to organize and manage their tasks and projects effectively. By using a task checklist template, businesses can standardise their processes, save time, improve efficiency, and reduce errors.

Task checklist templates can help ensure that all team members have a clear understanding of what tasks need to be completed and in what order. This minimises confusion and improves communication. By assigning tasks to specific team members and tracking progress through the checklist, businesses can hold team members accountable for completing their assigned tasks.

Progress tracker

A progress tracker is a software feature that allows businesses to track and monitor their performance against key performance indicators (KPIs).

With a progress tracker, businesses can set goals, define KPIs, and track progress over time. This helps businesses identify areas where they are excelling and areas where they need to improve. By monitoring KPIs regularly, businesses can make data-driven decisions and take action to improve their performance.

Knowledge base

Knowledge base

A knowledge base is a collection of information and resources that can be used to help employees or customers find answers to their questions or solve problems.

An extensive knowledge base that is easy to navigate is a valuable tool for businesses that want to provide excellent customer support or help employees find the information they need to do their jobs.

Operandio’s knowledge base is organized in a logical and intuitive way, with search functionality and clear categories to help users find the information they need quickly and easily.

Procedure storage

Procedure storage is a software feature that allows businesses to store and manage their standard operating procedures (SOPs), which are documents that describe the steps required to complete a particular task or process.

With procedure storage, businesses can keep their SOPs in a central location, making it easy to access and update them as needed. This feature helps businesses ensure that their procedures are up-to-date and consistent across different teams or departments.

Operandio - Workforce messaging and communication app

Messaging and feedback

Operandio allows businesses to communicate with their employees in real-time. This can include features such as chat, instant messaging, or video conferencing.

By using this feature, businesses can streamline communication and feedback with workers, making it easier to collaborate on projects, share information, and provide feedback. This improves productivity and efficiency, and fostering a more collaborative and engaged work environment.

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  • Mobile/tablet-first dynamic checklists to keep staff on track
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  • Critical business info & operating procedures instantly accessible
  • Internal staff communication to keep everyone in the loop
  • Flag, capture & escalate issues identified on the frontline
  • Automated temperature monitoring with sensors & alerts
  • Staff held accountable with live performance data & insights
  • Consistent standards across multi-locations
  • Realtime visibility & reporting for managers & business owners

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