Remote temperature monitoring using intelligent wireless sensor technology

Our remote temperature monitoring system uses smart wireless sensor technology that allows you to remotely monitor the temperature and humidity of all your equipment. Receive instant SMS alerts the moment a temperature falls outside the appropriate temperature range.

Monitor conditions in real-time from any remote location, automate your temperature processes and protect your inventory and costly assets.

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Operandio - Temperate monitoring and alerts

Get notified instantly, take action fast

Our automated wireless temperature sensor allows you to act on issues before they become expensive problems with automatic SMS alerts that trigger when conditions go outside your set temperature ranges. Create action items to track and manage the issues identified from your alerts, all within Operandio.

Operandio - Track equipment health and performance

Track equipment health and performance

Track changes in temperature and humidity conditions over time and identify trends, allowing you to plan for repairs and replacements. Simplify the management of your compliance with all of your temperature monitoring data stored in one secure place.

Operandio - Reduce labor costs

Reduce labor costs with automated audits and reports

It’s time to stop using paper and log books and replace your manual temperature tracking processes. With wireless temperature monitoring sensors, you can run your food and equipment safety completely on autopilot. Automatically track temperate and humidity without the need for humans to be involved. Remote monitoring enables you to analyze data anytime and export reports instantly as required.

Simple, accurate, timely & fully automated temperature monitoring

Operandio - Avoid inventory loss

Avoid inventory loss

Operandio - Food Safety

Improve food safety

Operandio - Automated Operations

Automate manual operations

Frequently asked questions about remote temperature monitoring

The installation is fast and easy. Simply unpack the temperature sensor from its packaging and place it in your preferred location. Once it is turned on, it will automatically sync with the Operandio app via wifi connection. You can then customize your temperature ranges and other data points, and the sensor will automatically start monitoring and collecting all your temperature data.

Our sensor technology has the capability for monitoring temperatures down to minus 200C. This allows the sensor to be used in both domestic and commercial environments that require 24/7 temperature monitoring systems, such as hospitality and healthcare settings.

Depending on how you have configured your temperature settings, once the temperature falls outside your specified ranges, the sensor will immediately detect abnormal changes and send an SMS alert to your registered phone number. This real-time remote temperature monitoring allows you to proactively take steps to prevent further complications.

Frontline operating system

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