Free Cleaning Checklist Template

By David Rigbye November 25, 2021

Why would you need a free cleaning checklist template? Strictly speaking, you technically don’t need a free cleaning checklist template. That said, it is a major help in keeping track of all the tasks you need to complete in order to keep your business clean.

No matter what industry you are a part of, keeping your business clean is incredibly important for various reasons such as:

  • The elimination of health risks
  • Allowing ease of movement by removing needless clutter
  • Maintaining the aesthetic qualities of your business to prospective customers, etc.

That’s why we offer (among many other beneficial business checklists) many examples of a free cleaning checklist template. So, let’s take a look…

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While all industries clean their premises for similar reasons, they often have different cleaning methods and priorities. 

That’s why we have a free cleaning checklist template for each of the industries that we cover below:

Retail Free Cleaning Checklist Template 

When it comes to the retail industry, it is important to have a clean workspace. Not only is this so you have a presentable storefront, but it is also for wayfinding purposes. If customers have trouble navigating your store, they’re more likely to leave.

DoneRetail Cleaning Checklist
Declutter Shelves
Dust and Wipe Counters
Disinfect Surfaces
Pick Up Litter
Sweep/Mop Floor
Clean Mirrors
Empty Bins
Ensure Stock Is In Correct Place

Healthcare Free Cleaning Checklist Template 

Cleanliness is an integral part of the healthcare industry. In order to provide care to patients, healthcare workers must ensure they are operating in conditions that are both sanitary and hygienic. Not only is this to ensure patient comfort, but it is also because any contaminants can pose a health risk.

DoneHealthcare Cleaning Checklist
Clean and Disinfect Surfaces
Empty all Rubbish Receptacles
Sweep and Mop Floors
Replenish Stock for Towels and PPE
Clean All Furniture
Refill Sanitiser Dispensers
Clean Equipment Shelves
Wipe and Clean All Windows and Doors

Hotels and Resorts Free Cleaning Checklist Template

Customers want to stay in hotels and resorts that are comfortable, which is why hotel rooms must be cleaned regularly. This is especially important considering how often hotel rooms and resorts change visitors. 

DoneHotels/Resorts Cleaning Checklist
Open Windows to Ventilate Room
Clean Curtains
Dust and Wipe All Appliances, Fixtures and Furniture
Replace Used Bed Sheets
Remove and Reline Bins
Vacuum the Floor
Clean Mirrors and Glass Surfaces
Replace Used Toiletries

Childcare/Education Free Cleaning Checklist Template 

Children are messy. Part of working in childcare is ensuring that children are taught inside a clean environment in order to reduce the spread of germs, as children spend lengthy periods of time in close contact with one another. 

DoneChildcare/Education Cleaning Checklist
Dust and Wipe Down All Surfaces
Pick Up Everything From the Floor
Sweep and Mop the Floor
Clean All Windows
Empty and Reline Bins
Refill Sanitiser and Soap Dispensers
Dust Ceiling Fans and Air Vents
Vacuum All Carpeted Areas

Cleaning Services 

If you operate your own cleaning business, you should already have your own checklist. Operandio can help you by offering you a digital solution where you can store your checklist among many other functions. 

DoneCleaning Services Checklist
Sweep and Mop Floors
Wipe Down Furniture and Appliances
Clean Windows
Empty and Reline Bins
Scrub Sinks and Toilets
Remove Dirty Laundry
Vacuum Carpets
Replace Used Bed Sheets

Hospitality Free Cleaning Checklist Template

Cleanliness is incredibly important in the hospitality industry, where your staff is handling the food and drink of patrons. Unsanitary working conditions not only deter potential customers, but they can pose a health risk by introducing food contaminants.

DoneHospitality Cleaning Checklist
Change Beer Lines
Clean Restaurant Range Hoods
Empty and Clean Refrigerators and Freezers
Wash Dishes and Glassware
Dust and Wipe Counters
Sweep and Mop Floor
Wipe Down Food Prep. Machinery
Check for Missing Inventory

What is Operandio and how can it help my business?

Operandio does more than give you a free cleaning checklist template. It is a comprehensive operations & digital checklist software solution that allows you to:

  • Digitize all of your documentation for your staff to access easily
  • Allow for seamless messaging between all of your staff
  • Track the progress of your staff’s tasks and ensure their completion

… and more!

Increase Efficiency

Because Operandio digitizes your processes and checklists, it takes less effort to coordinate your staff, as they have all the information they need in an easily accessible application.

Use Less Resources and Reduce Costs

Operandio is a software solution that removes the need for paper and stationary in your business, as it allows you to store all of your important processes and tasks without needing to write them down.

Keep Track of Everything

You can seamlessly view all processes and tasks, plus you can update them whenever necessary. This makes it incredibly easy to know what tasks have been completed, and follows up on tasks that have yet to be completed.

Scale Your Business More Effectively

As your business grows, it is easy to update all of your information in Operandio to reflect that. This is because Operandio makes it easy to keep track of staff performance. Plus it gives you the ability to adjust and adapt your standard operating procedures with incredible ease.

Are you looking to replace paper checklists in your business? Operandio will help you replace paper in your business, improve staff accountability, delegate jobs and replicate consistently business processes across multiple locations.

Request an Operandio demo today, and take control of your business in ways you’d never have thought possible.