Mobile and tablet apps to keep staff on track

With the Operandio mobile and tablet apps you can achieve staff accountability, safety, compliance and consistent business processes across all your locations.


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Operandio - monitor real time staff performance

Keep staff accountable and track performance

The Operandio mobile and tablet applications enable your workforce to complete their daily tasks, giving you a real time view of how your entire business is performing.

Operandio - Kiosk app for shared user access

Access Operandio from the devices that suit your business

With the Operandio Kiosk App, staff can easily access tasks from a shared device using a personalised 4-digit pin. Alternatively, download the mobile app on iPhone or Android for quick access to our powerful platform.

Operanido - access critical business info

Share critical business info and training across your entire workforce

With the Operandio mobile and tablet apps, your staff can instantly access training and critical business information exactly when they need it.

Operandio - clearly communicate with your entire business

Communicate with the right people, ensure nothing is missed

Now you can send important business communications directly to the right people at the right time on any device. From individual staff, specific teams, divisions, a single store location or your entire workforce.

Operandio - monitor real time staff performance

Real time visibility across your entire workforce

Use all this data to gain real time visibility across your business to track critical task completion and review workforce, location and brand performance.

Why our customers love the Operandio mobile and tablet apps


Staff accountability

Hold your workforce accountable by ensuring that no steps are skipped in a process.


Compliance and safety

Increase compliance and safety while reducing errors in your business.


Process becomes habit

Enable your staff to complete and master repetitive daily business tasks quickly and efficiently with fewer mistakes.

Staff feedback

Motivation and efficiency

Keep your staff motivated to take action, complete tasks and improve performance.

Daily business operations have come a long way from paper and spreadsheets..

Whether you have 10 or 2,000 staff the Operandio mobile & tablet apps will help your business perform at its best.

Benchmark performance and raise the bar. With Operandio, you’re in complete control.


Operandio on the Apple App Store    Operandio on the Google Play store