We created Operandio to solve the problems we faced as business owners with non-desk based staff

And we’re obsessed with streamlining business systems and processes.

Our story

Our founder, David Rigbye was running a process intensive business with a large non-desk based workforce in Australia. The business had a never ending list of daily, weekly and monthly jobs. From opening checklists, cleaning checklists, equipment maintenance checks and range of other procedures.

As the business grew, there were more staff to manage, more processes to follow and more complexity.

David knew other business owners – especially other retail, manufacturing, hospitality and multi-location owners, all with large front line workforces experiencing the same issues.

Enter Paul Stephenson. Having worked together closely at previous companies, the two paired up to create the first version of the platform to enable David to digitize and streamline processes, manage internal staff communication and to disseminate important training videos and guides to staff members.

With new insights obtained from the platform and more visibility of how the business was operating, David could focus on streamlining and improving processes and building an efficient, systematized, process driven business.

Although the tool was a huge success initially, it was updated and improved based on feedback from the business. Over time the solution became something that the business could no longer operate without.

The result is Operandio, a technology designed to digitize business processes, manage internal staff communication and to easily create instructional videos, manuals and how-tos for businesses with non-desk based workforces.

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Leadership team

David Rigbye
Managing Director
Paul Stephenson
Chief Technology Officer


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