Operandio’s Food Safety Software

Operandio assists hospitality businesses in delivering safe food, automating temperature monitoring and temperature logs, reducing brand risk, automating HACCP compliance and providing superior customer protection.

Achieve higher food safety compliance and effortlessly pass health inspections with Operandio’s food safety software today.

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Automated Food Prep Labeling System

Fast & accurate automated food prep labeling system

Operandio’s innovative labeling system ensures the consistent delivery of fresh and safe food by automating the labeling process, guaranteeing 100% accuracy. With Operandio labeling, you can reduce waste, boost productivity, and confidently meet all food safety regulations.

Bid farewell to manual calculations and embrace streamlined food preparation with Operandio labeling!

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Sensors & Remote Temperature Monitoring System

Monitor & capture temperatures automatically using our wireless sensor technology

Operandio’s remote temperature monitoring system, powered by smart wireless sensor technology, enables you to remotely track the temperature and humidity of all your equipment. Get instant SMS alerts the moment a temperature deviates from the appropriate range.

Effortlessly monitor conditions in real-time from any remote location, automate your temperature processes, and safeguard your valuable inventory and assets.

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Training software for frontline workforces

Maintain exceptional levels of food safety in your business with our comprehensive food safety courses and tutorials

  • Utilize Operandio’s customized food safety training courses to educate your staff
  • Or, create your own custom in-house training courses specific to your operations using our powerful frontline Learning Management System
  • The easy-to-consume content is designed for people of all ages, making it simple to understand and learn about best practice food safety requirements.
  • All food safety training is included in your subscription, saving you thousands of dollars.

Watch the labeling system in action at Roll’d Vietnamese

Roll’d Vietnamese use the Operandio labeling system for better food safety and compliance.

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You’re in Good Company

Companies just like yours are using Operandio to achieve staff accountability, safety, compliance and consistent business processes across all their locations.

150,000+ frontline workers use Operandio every day
Over 2 million tasks completed in 12+ countries
Thousands of happy customers optimizing their operations

Rated 4.8/5 stars on Capterra

Over 2 million tasks completed in 12+ countries

End-To-End Operations Execution Platform

Operandio gives you access to a full range of functionality, specifically built for business with frontline workforces. Empower your frontline employees with task management, training & quizzes, brand audits, food safety, digital SOPs and communication, all in one powerful platform.

Whether you have 10 or 2,000 staff, Operandio will help your business perform at its best.

FAQs About Operandio’s Labeling System

Operandio labeling will help your business consistently deliver safe food by automating the labeling process for 100% accuracy. No more error-prone hand written labels!

Simply setup your food label templates using our easy-to-use cloud based platform and the system takes care of all calculations and printing automatically! Time to completely streamline the process for efficient and accurate labeling.

Yes! You can effortlessly create and manage all label templates centrally, from our web based platform for all your locations. Adding new labels is a simple process.

We support a wide range of label printers. Contact us today to confirm if Operandio can be used with your existing hardware. If you have not yet purchased a label printer we are also happy to provide guidance. They are a low cost, effective solution.

You can access the label system from absolutely any device! iPhone, Android, tablet or laptop/computer.

In addition to accessing the best food labeling system on the market, Operandio provides you with access to a huge range of features for businesses with frontline workforces. You get access to task management, training & quizzes, brand audits, food safety, digital SOPs and communication and MUCH more, all in one powerful platform!