What Factors Affect Employee Productivity?

By David Rigbye October 30, 2022

It can be confusing trying to sift through what factors affect employee productivity. The fact is there are many factors that affect employee productivity, but that doesn’t necessarily make them all relevant to your business.

So, this article will do the work of finding what factors influence productivity for you. We’ll take the effort out of sorting through all the factors, so you can focus on improving your productivity – with the help of Operandio, of course.

What is employee productivity?

Before we can talk about what factors affect employee productivity, let’s briefly look at what employee productivity is. Employee productivity describes the output of an employee over a specific period of time.

If an employee is regularly completing business objectives in a timely manner, then it is safe to say that their employee productivity is satisfactory. If not, then there is a problem that the business owner will need to address, in the form of one of these negative factors.

Why is employee productivity important?

Employee productivity is important because it directly relates to workforce productivity. If an employee is struggling to be productive, it affects the productivity of the entire workforce – and your business as a whole.

That’s why it’s important to be aware of your employee productivity, and what factors might be affecting it. Your workforce productivity depends on it.

What negatively affects employee productivity (and how can Operandio help address this)?


At Operandio, we’ve interacted with all kinds of businesses, and below we have listed what are the most common factors that affect productivity – even across multiple industries. Addressing these factors will help your business operate with peak employee productivity, and Operandio will help you manage every single one of them. 

1. Toxic working environment

This can mean a lot of things, but the simplest definition for a toxic work environment is one where an employee feels unsupported, uncomfortable or unsafe – all of which are not conducive to productivity. There are many ways to address a toxic work environment, but the simplest is to communicate with every employee, which is why Operandio has the functionality to facilitate communication between you and every employee from anywhere at any time.

2. Lack of training and career development opportunities

Stagnancy is what stops employee productivity in its tracks. If an employee feels as though they are ill-equipped to adequately tackle their job, or they are not going to progress in their career regardless of how much effort they put in, they will be less motivated to maintain their productivity.

Operandio can help you train and progress any employee with their knowledge base, that you can add to and access to efficiently onboard and aid any employee.

3. Inadequate or inefficient processes

Processes are what make the workday go, but any employee will be less motivated to maintain their productivity if they feel as though they are enacting processes that are more complicated or time-consuming than they need to be.

With Operandio, an employee can make their grievance known and offer suggestions, citing the knowledge base where all the business’ processes can be stored for reference. 

4. Demoralising pay structure

Money is one of the largest incentives for a person to undertake a job and achieve peak productivity in the first place. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your workers are compensated fairly for their work, and provided with opportunities for financial growth.

Fail to do this, and any employee will make their distaste known by lowering their productivity. That’s why it’s important that you use Operandio to gain a thorough picture of the work that you delegate to each employee , so you can adjust their remuneration accordingly.

5. Adverse health effects

Working 40 hour weeks can have quite the effect on an employee’s physical and mental health, especially if they are having problems outside of work as well. If an employee is feeling physically or mentally overwhelmed, it will severely affect their work output and their productivity.

That’s where you can use Operandio. Communicate with every employee and demonstrate that you care about them beyond their productivity. Use the knowledge base to link to healthy living and mental health initiatives that an employee can turn to for help.

6. Dated technology and/or tools

An employee that is using outdated software or unreliable hardware is going to feel fairly unappreciated, and you can expect the effects of that to influence their productivity. Luckily, Operandio is updated constantly, so that’s one less thing to worry about. 

How can I get Operandio and improve my employee productivity?

Operandio is a tool that enhances productivity by keeping both you and your employees connected to all the necessary parts of your business; including communication channels, important business metrics, established work objectives, procedural documents etc. You’ll be perfectly equipped to identify and address any factors negatively affecting productivity. 

If you want to use Operandio to enhance employee productivity, all you need to do is sign up. Request a free demo for Operandio today.