Frontline Workforce Productivity Software: Digital performance tools to keep frontline workers productive

Any business with frontline employees needs frontline workforce productivity software in order to be at peak performance. Without software to boost productivity, frontline work becomes more labour intensive, costly and time-consuming – making frontline workforce productivity software a non-negotiable necessity if you want your frontline workers to be optimally equipped.

Operandio helps boost employee productivity by automating and digitising a lot of the processes that go into frontline workforce productivity. Because these procedures no longer need their full attention, employees are able to focus on improving their overall productivity instead.

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Operandio - Required reading and message confirmations

Workforce connectivity

You can use Operandio to both observe and communicate with your frontline workers, even if you’re in a different location. This is important because it means you can aid your staff in the event that any problems occur, and you can also discuss any problems with them to determine how their productivity is affected – and how they can be helped.

Operandio - Recurring digital tasks checklists and procedures

Observable tasks

While Operandio automates various tasks, it is also important to observe manual tasks. This software lets you delegate tasks between employees, then watch as those tasks are completed. In the event that tasks aren’t completed, you can observe whose productivity has fallen and hold them accountable.


Easy data collection

As your frontline workforce operates, there are many different kinds of data sets that Operandio collects. These can include quantitative data such as the time spent on certain tasks, or the amount of tasks completed in a specific time period; or qualitative data such as customer experience and opinion. This data paints a picture as to the strengths and weaknesses of your workforce productivity.

Why our customers love frontline workforce productivity software

Operandio - Increase engagement

Efficient onboarding processes

Process changes

Constant workforce communication

Operandio - Reporting & analytics

Easy data collection and monitoring

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Simple progress tracking

Frontline operating system

Whether you have 10 or 2,000 staff the Operandio mobile & tablet apps will help your business perform at its best.

Benchmark performance and raise the bar. With Operandio, you’re in complete control.