LMS for Frontline Workers: There is a better way to train your frontline workforce

With the Operandio all-in-one learning management system (LMS) you can onboard new employees, run routine training and keep your workforce skilled and compliant.

Operandio employee training software is simple to use and quick to get started. You can deliver engaging and effective training directly to your frontline workforce on any device, anytime, anywhere.

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LMS for frontline workforce - Mobile-first learning

Mobile-first learning

Employee training for frontline workforces should be easy to understand and quick to interact with. With the Operandio user-friendly mobile app (or kiosk tablet app), employees can track their progress with visual courses and training modules. Users can pick up courses from where they left off last time, for an on-the-go experience. It’s built from the ground up for companies like yours.

Operandio - Realtime workforce training platform

Extremely easy training course creation

No more complex, legacy systems for online employee training that are only ever used once, and never touched again. You can deliver training courses using articles and content from your Knowledge Base.

Use our intuitive course builder to turn boring PowerPoint slides or PDF files into highly engaging and interactive experiences. You can attach images, videos, files, standard operating procedures and more.

LMS for frontline workforces - Training and insights - Operandio

Actionable insights and analytics

The Operandio LMS for your frontline workforce comes with a powerful admin dashboard, so monitoring training progress is quick and easy. Ensure your workforce is always compliant and up to date with training via the training reporting dashboard. Easily filter and export engagement and training data into out-of-the-box reports.

Why our customers love training with Operandio

Operandio - Increase engagement

Faster onboarding

Process changes

Be notified when training is not completed on time

Operandio - Reporting & analytics

Live training status admin dashboard

Operandio - Powerful search, accessible from any device

Mobile Knowledge Center

Frontline operating system

Whether you have 10 or 2,000 staff the Operandio mobile & tablet apps will help your business perform at its best.

Benchmark performance and raise the bar. With Operandio, you’re in complete control.