How to keep staff accountable, even when you’re not there

By David Rigbye July 21, 2020
Cafes & restaurants use Operandio to manage their day-to-day workforce processes
Cafes & restaurants use Operandio to manage their day-to-day workforce processes

When we discuss day-to-day business challenges with hospitality industry business owners and venue managers, one of the issues constantly raised is staff accountability.

“Get your foundation business processes into a digital platform with recurring schedules, notification reminders and team delegations.”

Ensuring staff are accountable, productive and adhere to venue processes when the owner or manager aren’t around often proves to be extremely challenging.  This makes it difficult for the business owner to step away from the day-to-day operational grind of running the venue (leaving them working in the business not on the business) and even harder to grow the business across multiple locations (micro managing staff and barking orders simply isn’t scalable across multiple sites).

Find out how you can implement Operandio to improve staff productivity and maintain high standards for your day-to-day operations:

Refine your day-to-day processes, then digitize them

Most businesses have some sort of paper-based system for daily tasks around the venue. Checklists stored in a folder and / or displayed on a white board seem to be the most common place. Unfortunately, accountability with these traditional methods is virtually non-existent, nor is providing feedback or making improvements.

Operandio is the ideal solution to get your foundation business processes into a digital platform with recurring schedules, notification reminders and team delegations.

Start by using Operandio to easily create your own custom checklists in a few simple steps or select from our library of pre-prepared industry specific templates including opening checklists, cleaning checklists, cash register processes, equipment inspections and many, many more.

Once your recurring processes have been digitized your staff will know exactly what needs to get done, when and by who.  Most importantly, Operandio allows you to create how-to instructional videos, attach photos and documents so that your staff know exactly how to complete each task.

Set recurring schedules and reminders for staff and managers

Operandio allows users to set schedules for recurring processes or individual tasks so that your staff will be prompted with reminders either individually or as a team (e.g. kitchen crew or front-of-house team) across all types of devices including mobile phone, tablet or desktop.

These reminders keep your employees focused on the real priorities of your venue, and reminds them of tasks that might be slipping through the cracks.

Reminders and notifications also ensure staff complete critical food safety checks like logging fridge temperatures or checking beer lines. These steps are critical to the safety of your business and help to reduce maintenance spend.

Get real-time visibility on what has been completed and what remains outstanding for the day, week, or month

By digitizing your day-to-day processes managers and business owners get a real-time view of what’s going on in the venue or across multiple venues at the click of a button.  Managers will know what has been done for the day, week or month with live dashboard reports and notifications.

Employees will also know that in-venue productivity is being monitored.

Use Operandio to measure KPIs and accountability

Once your daily processes are being completed in Operandio, business owners will have a record of each day’s accountability, with staff names tagged to tasks as they are completed. You will be able to see when each task was completed, by whom and any notes left by your staff.

Importantly, Operandio allows for processes to require proof of completion in the form of photos, numbers, QR codes and notes to guarantee compliance to standards. For example, instead of simple checkbox to confirm a display fridge has been restocked, you may require a photo with a timestamp.

One of the real benefits of Operandio is that new employees can very quickly get up to speed and are prompted when tasks need to be done and how to do them properly.

Not only will you have visibility, but accessing this information is as simple as checking the Operandio Manager’s Dashboard or end of day email.

It’s time to take control of your employee accountability 

Operandio helps business owners and managers improve staff accountability and raise the bar on day-to-day operations. 

Operandio helps employees to know what to do, when do to it and how specific tasks need to be done, giving the business owner more time to focus on growing their business rather than the grind of day-to-day operations.

Request an Operandio demo today, and take control of your business in ways you’d never have thought possible.