Restaurant Management Software

Do you need restaurant management software? If you’re the kind of manager who is used to keeping track of your staff and restaurant through decidedly low-tech means such as a good old-fashioned pen and paper, can you benefit from restaurant management software?


Any restaurant manager will benefit from a software solution that is dedicated entirely to optimising and streamlining their existing processes.

After all, managing a restaurant is not an easy task. Making profit as a restaurant means excelling in many different areas, including:

  • Great food (of course)
  • A well-designed menu that attracts and rewards customers
  • Customer service that meets the needs of all of your patrons
  • Strong marketing that promotes your restaurant over your competitors
  • Food safety regulations that are strictly adhered to

On top of all of that, you have to coordinate your staff so that they are all on the same page as you. You can put as much effort as possible into perfecting how your restaurant is run, but it will be for nought if your staff are not equipped to provide that same level of service.

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Why do I need restaurant management software?

You need restaurant management software because even the most seasoned restaurant manager can become overwhelmed when it comes to keeping track of staff and the tasks that they have to complete. 

The more tasks you can automate, the more you can focus on maximising your customers’ experiences, which will result in the growth of your business. Restaurant management software such as Operandio is an invaluable tool that will make your restaurant operate more efficiently. 

Your Staff Have a Lot of Tasks to Perform

Delegating tasks to your staff takes a lot of effort. You have to:

  • Determine the procedures that your staff are supposed to follow to complete their task
  • Train your staff on those procedures
  • Ensure that those tasks are completed to a high standard
  • Update the procedures wherever necessary, then retrain staff on those procedures

Sure, this is entirely possible to do without technology marching forward. But it’s also really difficult. Operandio makes this so much easier by allowing you to set up checklists and assign tasks. You will have full control over how the work of your restaurant is delegated.

Sometimes Those Tasks Don’t Get Completed…

… and that’s not exactly the end of the world. But, when that does happen, you want to be able to know what’s going on. After all, you can only solve the problem affecting your staff if you can identify it.

That’s why Operandio helps you improve the accountability of your restaurant staff by allowing you to keep track of who you delegated tasks to, and whether or not they were completed. This ensures that your tasks are completed on-time and to standard.

Your Restaurant Might Be a Franchise

In which case, you need to make sure that your procedures are adhered to in every branch. Operandia provides your restaurants with an information hub that your staff will have easy access to. You can update this hub with process documents and videos, that way everybody has a thorough understanding of what is expected of them.

Food and Occupational Safety are Your Top Priority

Food and occupational safety is non-negotiable. Your food needs to be safe for your patrons to eat, and your staff need to operate in an environment that is safe for them. Not facilitating a safe restaurant environment for customers and staff is the easiest way to kill your business.

So, how do you do that? Well, you make sure that all staff are completely aware of the standard of work that is expected of them. If staff know exactly what you expect of them, be it;

  • Keeping the kitchen space clean
  • Ensuring proper hygiene when they handle foodstuffs
  • Mitigating hazards inside the restaurant, etc.

… then they have no reason not to work to your standards.

That’s where Operandio helps, by providing an easily accessible avenue for you to contact your staff and provide them with all the necessary materials so they can understand how to keep a safe restaurant environment.

Operandio digital checklist and process software for any industry

Do I need Operandio for my restaurant?

Operandio is more than just restaurant management software. It is a comprehensive business application that allows you to:

  • Digitize all of your documentation for your staff to access easily
  • Allow for seamless messaging between all of your staff
  • Track the progress of your staff’s tasks and ensure their completion

… and more!

Staff training software for hospitality

Increase efficiency and equip your staff

Because Operandio digitizes your processes, it takes less effort to coordinate your staff, as they have all the information they need in an easily accessible application.

Use less resources and reduce your costs

Operandio is a software solution that removes the need for paper and stationary, as it allows you to store all of your important processes and tasks without needing to write them down.

Digital checklist & process software for hospitality

Keep track of everything

You can seamlessly view all processes and tasks and update them whenever necessary. This makes it incredibly easy to know what tasks have been completed, and follows up on tasks that have yet to be completed.

Scale your business more effectively

As your business grows, it is easy to update all of your information in Operandio to reflect that. This is because Operandio makes it easy to keep track of any changes in performance and standard operating procedures across your entire business and single branches.

Are you looking to replace paper checklists in your business? Operandio will help you replace paper in your business, improve staff accountability, delegate jobs and replicate consistently business processes across multiple locations.

Operandio - Digital checklist & process software for Hospitality

Lower your insurance premiums

Operandio keeps a stamp of important details such as date, day, time, location and employee on your SOP and compliance records, so you can prove your business’ insurability to your insurer beyond any doubt.

Operandio will transform how your frontline workers operate

Whether you have 10 or 2,000 staff, Operandio helps Restaurants, Bars & Cafes perform at their best.

Benchmark performance and raise the bar. With Operandio, you’re in complete control.

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