Medical Clinic Automation: How to Automate Your Healthcare Clinics Today!

By David Rigbye January 31, 2023

Medical clinics have a duty of care that they need to fulfill for patients, which medical clinic automation has played a huge role in helping to provide. If you are looking for how to automate multiple medical clinic businesses, it’s probably because you want to be able to streamline the procedures of your medical clinics to raise your standard of care.

This guide will help you achieve that with everything you need to know about medical clinic automation; including what it is, how you can implement it and how Operandio can help you.

How can I define automation in the context of a medical clinic?

Automation is a concept in which technology is used to complete tasks within a business that would otherwise unnecessarily use human effort. The point of automation is to improve how tasks are delegated within a business and improve productivity by ensuring that human effort is only used when needed.

In the context of a medical clinic, automation involves the use of technology to ensure that important operations such as scheduling and billing are completed in a consistent manner that allows employees to focus on improving other aspects such as patient care.

What is Operandio?

Operandio is one of the most complete workplace automation software solutions on the market. It contains many of the features needed to fully automate many of the procedures for businesses across a wide range of industries.

What are the benefits of automation in a medical clinic?

There are multiple benefits that automation can bring to a medical clinic including;

Cost savings

Automation helps you reduce labour costs by completing tasks with less of a need for human intervention. Additionally, consumable resources such as stationary and physical storage are no longer needed because information is stored in a digital space, which saves money over time.

Easy scheduling

Scheduling is an important aspect of any medical clinic. After all, you want to make sure that your clients have access to medical help when they need it. Automating scheduling makes it easy for customers to book appointments from anywhere while avoiding discrepancies and clashes that could cause problems down the line.

Data security

Medical data is personal. Not only do you have an obligation to your patients to ensure their electronic medical records (EMR) or electronic health records are kept private, but you have a legal obligation as well. Implementing medical clinic automation means keeping your patients’ data in a secure digital space that is accessible only when needed and only by authorised personnel. 

Scalability and adapting to change

Medicine is a field that sees regular innovation. As your medical clinic sees changes in areas such as patient volume, healthcare professional specialties, etc. medical clinic automation will help streamline processes so your business can adapt to these changes quickly and effectively.

Increased accuracy

Medical clinics have a higher need for accuracy than other industries, because human error can have an effect on the patient’s health. Automating your medical clinic reduces the risk for human error, ensuring the streamlining and consistency of your clinic’s administrative functions. 

Better patient experience

Patient experience is incredibly important at a medical clinic. You want your patients to feel safe and comfortable. Because automation maintains efficiency and accuracy, it eliminates problems in areas such as scheduling and billing that would negatively impact a patient’s peace of mind. 

How do I use my software to automate my medical clinic?

To automate your medical clinic, there are certain tasks that you need to digitize so they can be completed without using human effort unnecessarily. There are software solutions like Operandio that not only make this possible, they also make it fairly easy.

Step #1 – Automate scheduling

As we previously mentioned, it is important to automate your medical clinic’s scheduling in order to ensure that your operations run as smoothly as possible. In order to achieve this, you’ll want to find scheduling software that;

  1. Allows you to record and monitor the availability of your staff and delegate shifts
  2. Lets your clients book appointments (and also restricts this ability wherever necessary (i.e. after hours, public holidays, etc.)
  3. Lets your staff make changes to existing appointments if need be
  4. Alerts both you and your patients if any appointment changes are made
  5. Lets you contact clients directly

Examples of scheduling software for medical clinics include NextGen Healthcare, PracticeSuite, CareCloud Central, Kareo Engage and athenaCommunciator.

Step #2 – Automate patient management

Medical clinics have a lot of patients. While it would be ideal if you could manage every aspect of their healthcare while they weren’t in the clinic, you unfortunately can’t. However, you can certainly help by implementing software that;

  1. Collects and keeps patient data in a secure location
  2. Sends alerts such as medication reminders or critical appointment notices
  3. Allows clients to communicate with you if they have any enquiries
  4. Gives patients access to their electronic prescriptions

Examples of software with patient management functions include Epic, Pabau, Luma Health, Splose and WebPT.

Step #3 – Automate billing

Billing can be a major source of stress for medical patients, as it’s an expense that can be difficult to anticipate. Therefore, you want a billing system that is going to alleviate their concerns and make for as easy a billing experience as possible. To achieve this, you need automated billing software that is going to;

  1. Send clients their bills with complete accuracy
  2. Record their payment details and store them securely for access across multiple branches
  3. Calculate and process transactions effectively
  4. Alert clients when there are billing problems
  5. Provide access to alternate payment methods where necessary
  6. Offer easy troubleshooting and access customer service, should problems arise

Examples of billing software for medical clinics include SimplePractice, Mindbody, NextGen Office, Booker and DrChrono.

Can Operandio help me automate my medical clinic?

Operandio certainly can! Business automation is kind of our thing, and Operandio is a software tool that provides all the tools you need to effectively automate your business; whether it’s a medical clinic or an entirely different industry.

These tools include;

  • An extensive library of checklists that help you delegate and track employee tasks, no matter what your industry
  • A comprehensive progress tracker that helps you identify when tasks are being completed (and why when they’re not)
  • A large scale knowledge base with a powerful search function, so that you can store all of your procedures where they can be accessed by your employees when needed
  • Multiple communication tools so that you can easily (and quickly) contact your employees and deliver feedback when needed

Request a demo for Operandio today, and automate your medical clinic.