5 Ways to Monitor Employees Performance

By David Rigbye October 26, 2022

Monitoring employees’ performance is an important part of managing any business. However, many business managers find this task difficult. 

That’s why there are software solutions available to optimise all performance monitoring processes. We are going to cover how monitoring employees’ performance works, and how software makes these processes as simple as possible.

It is a common misconception amongst managers that monitoring the performance of employees involves basic metrics and looking over their shoulder. 

However, the process contains many moving parts that can be difficult for managers to keep track of. That’s why we’ve listed these tasks below. 

1. Use Software & Tools

The future is now, and software makes the act of monitoring performance all the easier. Not only should you learn how to use this software so you can view your employees’ performance, you can also train your employees to use software to track their own performance for you. That’s why it’s important to find the right solution for you – such as Operandio, the best software solution for monitoring employees’ performance.

What are the benefits of Operandio for monitoring employees performance?

The benefits are numerous. All of the processes that go into monitoring performance are made infinitely easier (and more effective) through the use of management software like Operandio. Below, we’ve listed the various benefits that Operandio provides to improve monitoring employees’ performance. 

Get visual data on your staff productivity in real time live dashboard reports

Once you collect your information, software helps you collate and visualise all of it in a report that you can then survey to get a better understanding as to your employees’ performance. It is also easy to distribute this report to your other employees if needed.

Quickly identify high and low performing staff to instantly know where to improve

Productivity can only be so high without the aid of software. Because software gives you the tools to effectively monitor employees’ performance, it also gives you the ability to find avenues for improving performance as well, leading to a boost in overall productivity.

Let your staff know how productive they are

If you notice discrepancies in an employee’s performance that needs to be addressed, you can use software to contact your employees and present them with any information they might need. Additionally, you can delegate work amongst multiple employees and help them stay in constant contact while monitoring their performance as a group.

See work distribution amongst staff

With software, you give employees access to everything they need in order to perform their tasks. This makes it easier to then monitor their performance because you eliminate many extraneous variables that would otherwise affect their performance (e.g. a lack of access to information, information that is inaccurate, etc.)

Visually check workloads and schedules to make easy adjustments to workforce planning

This is the obvious core to any successful project. Software helps you both create and visualise all the different parts of a schedule (from the due dates,  to the milestones, to the project completion date, etc.) and distribute that information to employees so they can view it at their discretion.

Don’t let remote work affect your business productivity

If there’s one thing every business has learned recently, it’s that not all business can be conducted inside the office. However, software makes it easy to monitor the performance of your employees, even when they’re working remotely. 

View and manage your resources with ease

Resource management is another performance indicator. After all, if you are using more resources than you initially planned in order to compensate for a lapse in an employee’s performance, then there is a problem that you have to address. Software helps you allocate resources and then track their usage. 

Anticipate and prepare for any performance risks

Once you are able to monitor your employees’ performance, you can also identify any risks to said performance and devise contingencies for them as well. 

2. Observe Performance Trends Amongst Your Employees

This is the obvious one. If you want to visualise the performance of employees, you need to see them in action. This includes watching various elements, such as;

  • How efficiently your employees complete tasks
  • The extent to which these tasks are completed effectively
  • How often these tasks need to be redone
  • How employees interface with clients/customers

3. Always Be In Contact With Your Staff

As a manager, it is important to keep your staff in the loop and engage them as well in order to get a proper qualitative assessment of their performance. Don’t just tell them what you think; ask them what they think about their performance, i.e.

  • Where they feel they have succeeded
  • Areas where they feel they can improve
  • Ways you can help them improve

This allows you to hold employees accountable, and gain direction on where to go in order to better meet their needs.

4. Review Progress Regularly

It’s not enough to review an employee’s progress at the end of a project. In order to get a complete picture of an employee’s performance, you need to review it regularly. That way, you get a sense of how they work on a project without the influence of external factors that affect the end product.

5. Gather Information Wherever You Can

Information is key – both qualitative and quantitative. Get as many opinions as you can, and gather as many statistics as you can to corroborate those opinions. The more information you have, the more complete your understanding of your employees’ performance will be, and the better your understanding will be as to which sources of information are the most trustworthy. 

What is the best software for monitoring employees performance?

Operandio is an effective piece of software that exists to make project management easier by aiding in the monitoring of employees performance. You can easily delegate tasks, supervise their completion and collect information as you go, while communicating with your employees every step of the way. 

Why is Operandio the best software for monitoring employees’ performance?

Thanks to Operandio, you can spend less time on micromanaging your staff and more time on growing your business, while all the performance metrics you need are only a click away. Operandio was built by business owners who know how difficult it is to run a process intensive business with a never ending list of daily, weekly and monthly tasks.

What are the features of Operandio that help with monitoring employees performance?

What makes Operandio the ideal software for performance monitoring is its many features, all of which work seamlessly to streamline your business procedures. Operandio provides an unprecedented level of control over the day-to-day operations of your workplace.

Work seamlessly, no matter what your industry

Operandio works for many industries. As a result, there are a wide variety of templates available for many business processes. However, you also have the option to build your processes from scratch. Give your employees whatever they need to perform their best.

Track your employees’ progress

Monitor employees’ performance with Operandio’s progress tracker. You can track all the tasks that need to be completed, monitor KPIs to make sure you’re hitting them, and provide feedback to your frontline employees. 

Store your entire business’ knowledge in an easy to access location

Operandio creates a structured Knowledge Base with whatever information you give it. Both you and your staff can then easily search this Knowledge Base using simple keywords at any time on any device.

Keep your staff always aware of what to do

When you need to update your procedures, Operandio makes the process as simple as possible. You can update your procedures and notify your entire team at the click of a button. That way, your staff know what to do, meaning they can focus on bettering their performance.

Contact any of your employees from anywhere

Operandio helps you keep in constant contact with everybody in your business. Whether you want to message individual frontline workers, specific divisions, the staff of a specific branch location, or everybody in your entire business – you can communicate with ease.

Give your staff feedback whenever you need to

Thanks to Operandio, you can use acknowledgements to prioritise important messages for your staff and make sure they are actioned by staff. You can then provide feedback to ensure that your staff are always aware of potential improvements that could be made to their performance.

Request a demo for Operandio today, and take control of your business.