Movie Theatre Checklist: Create Free Theatre Cleaning Checklist

By David Rigbye March 1, 2022

Wondering why you may need a movie theatre cleaning checklist? 

It’s no secret that if you run a movie theatre, you want to be able to provide your patrons with the best cinema experience possible. Not only are there health and safety regulations that you have an obligation to abide by, but there is a financial incentive. After all, if you don’t want your customer base to stay home and use one of the many streaming services at their disposal, you have to present them with a clean space at the very least. Maintaining a clean theatre results in:

  • The perfect cinema experience for your customers 
  • A more pleasant working space for your staff
  • An establishment that complies with existing food health and safety laws, etc.
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However, keeping your theatre clean is not easy. The snacks alone present a gigantic challenge, let alone the other moving parts that make up a cinema experience. From the lobby, to the candy bar, to the theatres of many different sizes, there are many sections that each have their own specific cleaning procedures. Each of these processes need to be followed properly.

But, how are you going to track all these cleaning tasks? It’s a difficult prospect, which is why it is so important to employ a movie theatre checklist. Not only do these checklists allow you to track all the tasks that your staff need to complete, it keeps your staff abreast of the tasks that are expected of them, allowing them to work autonomously.

However creating a cleaning checklist can be labour-intensive and inefficient to create manually. This is for many different reasons, including;

  • It can be time and resource-consuming to create the theatre cleaning checklists themselves, especially if you have a larger space (or you’re overseeing an entire cinema chain), which drastically affects how many different cleaning checklists are needed
  • Distributing copies of the theatre cleaning checklists among your entire staff (especially if you are responsible for lots of staff across multiple branches), particularly ensuring that people receive the correct cleaning checklists at the right time
  • Making sure each of these cinema checklists are completed by the right people on time
  • Storing these cinema checklists for future reference, etc.

Whether you are creating checklists by hand with a pen and paper (the way a cinematographer shoots on film) or typing them into documents that can be printed or emailed to all your staff, neither method is better than the other. You will still have to deal with all these logistical issues that cost you time and effort unnecessarily. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a software solution that addressed each of these problems individually?

Luckily for you, Operandio offers one of the most comprehensive theatre checklist software solutions available. Make sure your theatres are clean and ready for screening anything with Operandio’s superior functionality.

Movie Theatre Cleaning Checklist Template Examples

While you can easily create your own checklists with Operandio, you also have access to several templates for a wide range of cleaning industries, including theatres. Below is an example of some of the many templates that Operandio contains.

Because there are so many different sections, it is a good idea to employ multiple checklists in order to address all them. That is why we have listed multiple checklist examples below.

DoneMovie Theatre Auditorium
Clean debris from the seats
Clean seats (incl. Armrests and cup holders)
Empty rubbish and reline bins
Clean any spills on the floor
Vacuum the carpets
Wipe auditorium doors
Clean projection room
DoneMovie Theatre Bathrooms
Clean toilet seats
Wipe toilet cubicles
Wipe down sinks
Restock toilet paper, soap and urinal cakes
DoneMovie Theatre Candy Bar
Vacuum and mop floors
Clean soft drink dispensers
Restock snacks and receptacles
Wipe down all displays
Clean concession stand counter
Done Movie Theatre COVID-19 protocols
Restock masks and hand sanitiser
Check QR codes are functional (and replace ones that aren’t)
Sanitise all touch points (i.e. counters, POS systems, door handles, etc.)
Check all signs and social distancing points
Ensure staff have access to temperature reading technology
Done Movie Theatre Exterior
Inspect posters, standees and lighting
Remove rubbish and reline bins
Check that all emergency exits are unblocked and in good condition
Vacuum floors
Wipe and restock vending machines
DoneMovie Theatre Lobby
Wipe all glass and dust window ledges
Sweep, vacuum and mop lobby floors
Empty rubbish and reline bins

Why do I need Operandio software?

The simple fact is that there aren’t a lot of dedicated software solutions for making movie theatre checklists. Even if you manage to find one aside from Operandio, it is not likely that it will be as optimised, and it probably won’t meet all of your needs.

Not only is Operandio a dedicated cleaning checklist software platform that caters to movie theatres amongst many other industries, but Operandio has a wide range of functions that will both overhaul and streamline your standard operating procedures. Because you don’t require any third party add ons or additional programs, Operandio is also easier to use than a wide variety of other software platforms that require integration with several other applications in order to work properly.

Once you incorporate Operandio into your workforce, the end result will be a more efficient workforce, a better experience for your customers, and a more profitable business for you.

How To Use Operandio to Create an Online Cleaning Checklist

Operandio is intuitively designed and so easy-to-use, no matter what kind of restaurant you own and no matter what cleaning you need to complete. You can use an existing template or you can add your own tasks by performing the following: 

  • Create New Task, then set your task as either:
  • A one off for when there is only a single cleaning job to do
  • A recurring task to be completed on a regular basis
  • An ad hoc task for restaurant staff to complete when needed
  1. Assign your new task/process to your staff, whether it’s:
  • A single employee
  • Multiple employees
  • An entire department
  • An entire branch
  • Your entire business
  1. Set a due date and time for your cleaning task so your staff knows exactly when it needs to be completed.
  2. If a cleaning task is particularly urgent, you can pin it to the top of your Job Manager so that it is the first task that your staff will see until it is completed. 

And there you go! It’s as simple as that. Your task is ready for your staff. All that’s left is for them to start cleaning. 

What is Operandio and how can it help my movie theatre business?

Operandio does more than give you a checklist template. It is a comprehensive business application that allows you to:

  • Digitize all of your documentation for your cleaning staff to access easily
  • Allow for seamless messaging between all of your cleaning staff
  • Track the progress of your staff’s tasks and ensure their completion

… and more!

Increase Efficiency

Because Operandio digitizes your restaurant processes and checklists, it takes less effort to coordinate your cleaning staff, as they have all the information they need in an easily accessible application.

Use Less Resources and Reduce Costs

Operandio is a software solution that removes the need for paper and stationary in your restaurant business, as it allows you to store all of your important cleaning processes and tasks without needing to write them down.

Keep Track of Everything

You can seamlessly view all cleaning processes and tasks, plus you can update them whenever necessary. This makes it incredibly easy to know what tasks have been completed, and follows up on tasks that have yet to be completed.

Scale Your Business More Effectively

As your business grows, it is easy to update all of your information in Operandio to reflect that. This is because Operandio makes it easy to keep track of staff performance. Plus it gives you the ability to adjust and adapt your standard operating procedures for cleaning with incredible ease.

Are you looking to replace paper checklists in your business? Operandio will help you replace paper in your business, improve staff accountability, delegate jobs and replicate consistently business processes across multiple locations.

Who is behind Operandio?

Operandio was created by business owners who know firsthand what it is like to run a business that is process intensive with an endless list of daily, weekly, and monthly tasks, like a restaurant. It is with this knowledge that Operandio created the perfect software to solve these problems. Consequently, Operandio is capable of serving all sizes of businesses across multiple industries. 

What am I paying for when I subscribe to Operandio?

Customers of Operandio receive an online checklist tool that streamlines business processes, improves internal communication, and prepares training videos, tutorials, and how-tos for non-desk based businesses (such as a chain of theatres).

How much is Operandio going to cost me?

There are currently two pricing plans for Operandio online checklist.

  • Business, which is ideal for managing day-to-day business operations for an affordable price, as you’ll receive:
  • Unlimited process & task management
  • Team communication & news feed
  • Business Knowledge Base
  • Manager dashboard & notifications
  • Unlimited 24/7 support
  • Enterprise, an option for large or complex businesses that require custom configuration, where you’ll receive everything in the business plan, and:
  • Detailed reporting
  • Bespoke roles & permissions
  • Custom organization structure
  • Custom billing terms
  • Dedicated Enterprise support

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