Pub Automation: How to Automate Pub Operations To Save Time

By David Rigbye January 31, 2023

Time is money, and saving time and money is just one of the many benefits that come with pub automation. At Operandio, we’re all about automating businesses, so we’ve written this article to help you automate your pub and reap all the rewards.

What exactly is pub automation?

If you’re thinking of automated pubs with robotics in bars, think again! Don’t worry; we don’t plan on replacing your bartenders with robots or implementing fully automated bartending. Automation isn’t about replacing people with technology – it’s about using technology to complete tasks that otherwise would waste human effort. By automating certain tasks, you are given more room to delegate amongst your staff, improving your overall productivity.

Bar automation involves using different kinds of technology, from dedicated automation software to a physical point of sales system. Different pubs are going to have different set ups, but our guide will help you find the right one for you.

What are the benefits of pub automation?

Of course, we can talk about pub automation (and how you should totally do it), but that’s not going to mean anything if we don’t discuss why. The truth is that the costs (i.e. some time and money for initial automation set up and training) are so outweighed by the benefits that it’s not even funny. 

For example, here are the major benefits of automation for pub operations;

Increased efficiency

Remember what we said before about how time is money? Well, if you automate tasks that don’t need human intervention, you save up time for both yourself and your staff. You can then use that extra time to complete other tasks, which then saves up even more time. You’ll be working a lot faster, while at the same time exerting less effort. It’s almost too good to be true (almost).

Increased customer satisfaction

The less time you spend on jobs that don’t need human effort, the more time your staff can spend on other things. This can include cleaning or rearranging your bar, improving their customer service practices, or learning new skills. The point is that the customers are going to experience these improvements directly – and chances are they’re going to really like it. 

Improved accuracy

Have you ever been at a bar and the bartender gets your order wrong or charges you extra by accident? It’s not a fun experience for anyone. Do you bring up that there was a mistake? You don’t want to make things awkward for the bartender who’s clearly working really hard, but you also don’t want to drink this mid beer you didn’t ask for and you don’t really want to pay the extra few bucks. Plus, in the time you’re taking to decide, the people behind you in line are getting a little restless, and you’re missing the footy, and–

Yeah, don’t let that happen to your customers. With automation, you remove the possibility for human error, and you make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. 

Okay, so how do I automate my pub operations?

The process for automating pub operations is simpler than you’d think! It’s just a matter of setting some goals and finding the right tools to help you reach them. In this section, we will break down this process and help you find what you need to successfully automate your pub. 

Step #1 – Develop an automation plan

The first step towards building your innovative future-pub is to make a list of tasks in your pub that could be completed more efficiently and effectively with technology. These tasks include;

  • Processing transactions
  • Determining staff shifts
  • Managing inventory/taking stock
  • Taking customer feedback
  • Social media posts and email/text campaigns

Whereas tasks that you probably don’t need to automate would include cleaning, making drinks, waiting tables, etc.

Step #2 – Implement the right technology

Now that your tasks are listed out, the goal is to find technological solutions that will complete them. For example;

  • Pub management software such as Operandio can help with the majority of pub automation tasks, particularly employment management, thanks to its many features 
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) software such as Punchh can help with client interactions such as feedback and social media campaigns
  • A point of sales (POS) system like OrderMate makes the process of processing transactions faster, more accurate and more convenient
  • Inventory management software like BinWise Pro helps take stock and keep track of dwindling inventory

Of course, different solutions are going to work better for different pubs. So, have a look around, see what’s available and identify what will work best for your business.

Step #3 – Train staff on the automation process

Once you’ve found the technology you want to use and you’ve installed it in your pub, you need to teach your staff how to use it. Take a day or two where you and your staff can cover the new procedures in depth while inside the bar. 

Not only is this the best way to familiarise them with the new bar automation setup so that they can make the most out of it; it’s also a great opportunity to take on employee feedback and make improvements. 

That way, when your bar opens to the public with this new technology in place, your team can hit the ground running immediately and your business can run as smoothly as possible right off the bat.

Do I need Operandio to automate my pub?

Well, Operandio definitely makes pub automation a lot easier than it would be without. If you want your pub to have all the tools to run autonomously, Operandio is the best software to use, as it comes with the following;

  • Well stocked checklist library that helps you delegate and track employee tasks, no matter what your industry
  • Progress tracker that helps you keep track of tasks as they are being completed (and determine why when they’re not)
  • Knowledge base with a powerful search function that lets you store all of your procedures where they can be accessed by your employees when needed
  • Communication tools so that you can easily (and quickly) contact your employees and deliver feedback when needed

Request a demo for Operandio today, and automate your pub.