Retail Employee Accountability

By David Rigbye December 3, 2022

Retail businesses rely heavily on their employees, making retail employee accountability extremely important. Retail employees are constantly interacting with customers, so their performance is constantly being scrutinised. If you don’t ensure the accountability of your retail employees – your customers will!

Don’t worry. Operandio is an easy-to-use and very effective software solution for ensuring the accountability of your retail employees. 

What are good measurements of retail employee accountability?

There are various key performance indicators (KPIs) that you can measure in order to keep track of retail employee accountability. We will cover those KPIs below. However, if you want the easiest way to measure those KPIs, we can’t recommend Operandio enough. Its intuitive design helps get you the information you need as quickly as possible.

Total sales

Your employees need to convert good customer service into sales for your business to succeed. If the amount of products your retail business has dropped, you need to find out why. If this can be attributed to a specific employee, then you can work with them to find out why and determine the solution going forward.

Condition of your shop

When your staff aren’t interacting with customers; their jobs include cleaning the shop space, restocking and organising shelves, checking stock, etc. In other words, the condition of your shop is going to reflect their work. If you think there is a disparity between how your shop looks and the standards you outlined, you’ll need to work with your employees to find out why.

The number of tasks that get done on a regular basis

As we’ve previously discussed, retail employees have a lot of daily tasks on their plate. If these tasks are not getting done, you need to figure out who you delegated those tasks to and work with them in order to solve any problems that might be causing this. 

Employee attendance

When we say attendance, we don’t just mean showing up on time (although that is also very important and worth keeping track of). We also mean keeping track of how your employees use their time while they are at work. If a retail staff member is neglecting their work, it puts pressure on the other employees, so it is important to address it as soon as possible.

Customer reviews

Your staff can work as hard as humanly possible, but it’s not worth it if that doesn’t translate into sales. If there is a disparity between the work your employees are putting in and the number of sales you have, the key to figuring out why might lie in your reviews. They will give you a better idea of the problems with your business and better equip you to then sort them out with your employees.

What steps can I take to ensure my retail staff are accountable?

Here are the steps that you can use to make sure that your retail staff are accountable. If you want to make these steps a lot easier to take, get help from software such as Operandio. It practically does these steps for you with its innovative design and various features.

  1. Integrate Operandio into your retail environment

Operandio is retail management software that makes it easier for you to track employee KPIs and benchmark your business’ success. Operandio’s innovative design makes it incredibly easy to get all the employee information you need and use it effectively to ensure retail staff accountability.

  1. Communicate your expectations and standard operating procedures to your staff

In order for your staff to perform, you need to set clear expectations, create specific tasks and then communicate them effectively to your staff. Operandio helps you make your expectations clear by providing functions for creating checklists that delegate specific tasks to specific people, and communicating with said people if those tasks are not completed.

  1. Respond proportionately to your staff’s performance

Operandio helps you observe the performance of your employees. It then helps you let employees know where they exceed expectations and reward them accordingly. With Operandio, you can see who you delegated tasks to and easily communicate with them using its in-built messaging feature.

  1. Give your employees the tools to succeed

Your employees are not going to be able to operate in your business without tools to help them. That’s why Operandio provides multiple features, including;

  • Digital checklists that employees can check at any time
  • An easy to access and update knowledge base
  • Communication and feedback capabilities
  • Data analytics and reporting tools
  • Mobile scalability across any device
  1. Ensure you provide your staff with actionable tasks

You don’t want to overwhelm your staff with vague tasks that they can’t complete. Use Operandio to create checklists that give employees clear and specific goals that they can work towards. Meanwhile, your employees can use Operandio to track their own performance and see their own success.

  1. Listen to what your employees are saying

Customer opinions are one thing, but your employees are people too, and they usually have valuable insights that can help your store succeed. With Operandio’s communication features, you can easily message your employees (and vice versa) at any time.

Where can I get Operandio for my retail business?

If you like what you’ve read, and you’d like to use Operandio to help the accountability of your retail employees, the sign up process is incredibly easy. Request a demo for Operandio today, and increase your workplace productivity.