Squizify Alternatives

By David Rigbye February 21, 2023

If you’re looking for alternatives for Squizify, the chances are that you’re looking for a robust software solution for ensuring the safety of your restaurant business. 

Squizify is designed to help restaurants and other food businesses automate and streamline their food safety processes, ensuring compliance with food safety regulations and protecting the health of their customers.

However, it can’t meet the needs of every business, which is why we’ve compiled this list of software alternatives for Squizify, each with similar functionality, but their own pros and cons.

What are the criteria for Squizify alternatives?

To find the best Squizify alternatives, we use the following criteria;

  • Functionality, as software needs to effectively equip you and your employees for a wide variety of business scenarios
  • User-friendliness, because your software needs to be easy-to-use, and easy to teach for new employees
  • Customisation options, so you can tailor your software to your business’ needs, and the needs of your staff
  • Integration with other software, so you can create a more cohesive workplace using various software solutions
  • Affordability, so you can have the extensive functionality of Squizify without affecting your business’ capacity to make profit
  • Customer support, so you can get quick and effective help in the event that there are any problems with your software

What are the best Squizify alternatives?

  1. Operandio

Operandio is a cloud-based project management software that offers features such as task management, time tracking, team collaboration, reporting, and integrations with other tools to help businesses increase their productivity and efficiency.

In addition to its many features, another pro for Operandio is its affordability. There are currently two billing plans to accommodate both small and large businesses. Additionally, Operandio has a food temperature monitoring feature that you can use to maintain the safety of your food stock. The end result is a complete restaurant management system.

  1. Notion

Notion is an all-in-one productivity tool that allows users to create and organize notes, databases, wikis, calendars, and other documents, and collaborate with teams and integrate with other apps to streamline workflows.

While Notion is effective productivity software for workplaces, it requires third party intervention if you are looking to use its functions for a restaurant or a food based business, which can require more work than other applications of its ilk.

  1. The Food Corridor

The Food Corridor is a software designed to streamline scheduling and billing processes for commercial kitchens, helping businesses save time and improve efficiency, so they can focus on food preparation and other critical operations.

The only con that users of this software tend to cite is the clunkiness of the mobile app, which can make it unwieldy for workforces that aim to use the software in their restaurant using a tablet or mobile device.

  1. Certdox

Certdox is a cloud-based software that offers food businesses a seamless and easy way to store and control their food safety and quality management documents, helping them comply with regulations, reduce errors, and improve their overall efficiency and effectiveness.

There are a couple of deterrents for this particular type of software, however – namely its lack of transparent pricing plans, and the lack of optimization for several mobile platforms, as it is entirely browser based. 

  1. Safefood 360

SafeFood 360 is a food safety management software that provides a comprehensive range of tools, including document control, compliance management, risk assessment, audit management, and corrective action tracking, to help food businesses manage their food safety systems and meet regulatory requirements.

This software has many benefits; although a lack of mobile and on-premise support, and issue management functionality that isn’t as extensive as its competitors have also been mentioned in their reviews.

What is the best Squizify alternative?

The best Squizify alternative is Operandio, because it is;

  • Easy to use, regardless of whether it is being accessed by management or staff
  • Always available, as it can be accessed and used from any device
  • High performance, as Operandio has been optimised to always provide fast response times when it’s in use, even in high stress situations
  • Entirely scalable, in that it does not become any less optimised or lose performance when used on different devices such as phones or tablets
  • Adaptable, as your use of Operandio can be customised depending on the functions and metrics that you need to successfully run your business
  • Secure, so you can enter all the information that your staff need without worrying about unauthorised access or data integrity problems 
  • Affordable, so you can focus on making your business all the more profitable without needing to worry about your Operandio subscription

If you like what you’ve read, request a demo for Operandio today.