Temperature Log Template

By David Rigbye March 16, 2023

Are you tired of using a paper-based temperature tracking sheet? Are you looking for a daily temperature log template? Are you not sure what we mean by that and want to find out? Well, all you have to do is keep reading!

What is a Daily Temperature Log?

A daily temperature log is an important piece of documentation as part of your businesses food safety management plan. It ensures your workplace adheres to safe food processing and food storage procedures, as outline in the Food Safety Act.

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Why is a Daily Temperature Log Template Important?

If you own a business in fields such as hospitality or medicine, you need to be able to monitor the temperature of your fridge and/or freezer storage. Food or medicine that is not stored in the correct temperature can become spoiled – medicine can lose its potency, and food can expire, causing debilitating and potentially life-threatening sickness.

This means that you need to be able to monitor the temperature of your fridge and/or freezer storage facilities with both accuracy and efficiency. A lack of adequate technology meant that this process was difficult and subject to human error. Such an important task ended up being both time and resource consuming.

After all, you need to set up the necessary infrastructure, then set aside time to use it regularly, record its findings, gauge its accuracy, and troubleshoot any problems that may arise. If you make an inaccurate reading, forget to check it, or use faulty technology; you risk the quality of your stock and the safety of your patrons.

Thanks to Australian innovation software company, Operandio, their automated fridge temperature monitoring system provides unprecedented automation, greater accuracy when recording time and heightened temperature controls for your business. What was once a laborious and resource draining task is made infinitely easier and more effective.

What Technology Goes Into a Temperature Log?

Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it sounds. There are only two parts to Operandio’s temperature monitoring system that fully automates a daily temperature:

  • The sensors, which you can easily install in any part of your business in a manner of minutes.
  • The app, which you install on your phone the way you would any other phone app.

That’s right, automating refrigeration temperature checking is that simple! But what about the results? Well…

  • Gain instant, accurate and detailed temperature readings in real time
  • Receive SMS and email alerts whenever there is a temperature anomaly that you need to address
  • Monitor multiple places at once; including display fridges, industrial fridges and freezers, and even server rooms
  • Observe changes in temperature and relative humidity over an extended period of time

Daily Temperature Log Template Example

Forget about your paper-based temperature tracking sheet. Get a completely automated logging system that tracks temperature and humidity without the need for any human involvement is what Operandio’s template has achieved. As temperature is being continuously tracked by the smart sensors, the data is automatically synced to the app, where it is securely stored and accessible from any remote location.

This data is visualised in graphs that are easy to read, so you can observe heat-related trends and take immediate action wherever necessary.

Operandio - Track equipment health and performance
Operandio’s automated temperature logging sensors record the temperature in your cold storage. You can access these records at any time for easy reference.

An automatic SMS alert is triggered when conditions extend beyond their normal temperature ranges. This feature allows restaurant owners to take action in real-time and even prevent potential equipment failure or unexpected food loss.

These alerts appear like so:

[Designated Freezer Name] – at [Location] is currently [Excess temperature] (Above [Designated optimal temperature] for [Period of time] since [Last date checked]).

For example:

MEL Freeze – ICE 2 at Coburg is currently 8.0C (Above 5.0C for 60mins since Jun 16 11:20am AEST).

What does an Operandio Daily Temperature Log Template Give My Business?

Simple Set Up

Not only does the easy set up of Operandio’s fridge monitoring system save you time, it also removes the chance of a costly error occurring during said set up.

The sensors:

  • Can be used right out of the box
  • Take minutes to install
  • Connect directly to your Operandio account

Here is a list of time saving measures you have implemented, now that you’ve automated all of your fridge temperature monitoring processes:

  • All changes in temperature are instantly recorded by the app
  • You can immediately check all temperatures using the app
  • You are instantly notified when there is a problem, allowing you to respond immediately
  • You significantly reduce the risk of appliance malfunctions that would otherwise grind your business operations to a halt
  • You can even prevent problems by checking trends in temperature changes

Saved Time and Resources – No Matter Your Business

Most businesses manually keep track of their equipment with paper and pen. Not only is this needlessly inefficient, the stationery costs alone make it not worth it in the long term.

Of course, that is nothing compared to the excess wastage that you will eliminate using Operandio’s temperature sensors. Whether it’s food scraps or medical waste, the major cause of this wastage is technology and fridge malfunction, which causes food to expire and become inedible. 

The faster you can respond to temperature changes, the higher your chances are of preventing technology failure. Not only does this significantly reduce wastage, it also reduces the amount of money your business has to spend on replacing expired stock and repairing damaged equipment. 

Saved Effort Through Automated Processes

Operandio’s temperature sensor technology eliminates the need for your staff to extensively monitor and document temperature changes. Because these processes are automated now, your staff can focus their efforts on other tasks, giving you new opportunities to boost your company’s productivity.

  • You no longer need to teach new employees how to manually monitor temperature
  • Monitoring temperatures does not eat into your working day (particularly if you need to work reduced hours, which many hospitality businesses did during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic)
  • Boost staff morale by eliminating unnecessary processes
  • Ensures that your business meets environmental health and safety compliance requirements, regarding time and temperature control of all refrigeration equipment

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