Weekly Cleaning Schedule Template: The Only One You’ll Need

By David Rigbye October 10, 2022

Want to know the best way to keep your business squeaky clean? Create a cleaning schedule and stick to it! 

Yes, cleaning may feel a little daunting at first, but we’ve got your back. 

The best cleaning schedule calendars are simply laid out and easy to follow. You don’t want a dossier; you want a quick-glance cleaning schedule checklist to keep you motivated and on track.

If you want to ensure your business premises remain attractive for your staff and customers, we’ve got everything you need to know about weekly cleaning schedules right here.

Why Create a Weekly Cleaning Schedule?

Let’s start with the why.

Without a schedule, cleaning becomes a hectic, time-consuming chore. But by sticking to a written weekly cleaning schedule, you dedicate a regular slot to ensure all rooms in your business stay fresh and hygienic. This makes it easier to stay consistent, and it also ensures your business sticks to health and hygiene regulations.

With Operandio, it’s simpler than ever to set up your weekly cleaning schedule and ensure all staff take responsibility for their tasks.

How to Make a Weekly Cleaning Schedule That Works for You

Now that you understand the why, it’s time to start creating your business’ weekly cleaning checklist.

Since everybody’s business is different, the steps below give you plenty of room for

customization, ensuring your weekly schedule is perfect for your business.

#1 Decide on a Cleaning Schedule Calendar Format

Firstly, how are you going to record your cleaning schedule? We’ve provided you with an easy-to-use schedule template below.

Using a streamlined management platform like Operandio handles recurring and ad-hoc daily schedules better than most. It’s easy to delegate jobs to organizational teams or individuals, and schedules automatically update across all devices when necessary. Request a product demo to experience the magic. 

#2 List Your Daily Cleaning Jobs

Once you’ve chosen your cleaning schedule format, consider what needs to be completed on a daily basis.

These might include:

  • taking out the trash and replacing the trash linings
  • sweeping, mopping and cleaning general areas and applications
  • wiping light switches, doors, door handles mirrors and other accessories
  • vacuuming the carpet
  • cleaning windows, window sills and doors
  • disinfecting bathrooms
  • disinfecting sinks
  • sweeping and mopping bathroom floors

In our template, we’ve included a section within the weekly cleaning schedule for daily chores. But you can write them on a separate sheet if you want to free up space for your per-week overview.

#3 Brainstorm Weekly Cleaning Chores

After creating your daily task list, it’s time to concentrate on tasks that need to be done once or twice a week. We recommend doing this room-by-room to ensure you don’t miss anything. 

Some weekly basis cleaning jobs per room are as followss:


  • Empty trash receptacles, wipe and disinfect them and replace the liners
  • Dust cabinets, bookshelves, and other surfaces
  • Dust and disinfect computers, monitors, printers, keyboards, and other electronic equipment
  • Wipe the desk, chair arms, phones, phone earpieces
  • Collect and return any office kitchenware to the kitchen like mugs, plates, and utensils
  • Dust windows, window shades/blinds, and the windowsill
  • Dust HVAC cents
  • Clean all glass surfaces
  • Vacuum, sweep and mop the floors


  • Empty the sanitary napkin dispensers and trashcans
  • Clean and disinfect the toilet bowl
  • Disinfect the toilet seats and toilet paper dispensers
  • Disinfect sinks hand dryers or paper towel dispensers
  • Refill toilet paper, paper towels and soap dispensers
  • Check the functioning of hand dryers
  • Wipe down the mirrors
  • Mop and sweep the floors. Use a disinfectant solution when cleaning the floors


  • Straighten out and tidy welcome mats if applicable
  • Clean both sides of the front doors and pay attention to sensitive materials like glass
  • Empty and wipe trash bins and replace the liners
  • Wipe and disinfect the counter desk at the reception, the coffee table, and the telephone. If there is any other furniture around, wipe and disinfect as well
  • Straighten and organize magazines and other entertainment materials around the coffee table
  • Sweep, vacuum and if necessary, mop the floors
  • Dust lamps, vents, window shades, tables, and other surfaces.

#4 Delegate Cleaning Days for The Week

Our cleaning schedule template dedicates different days to different rooms. However, you might have a different idea as to which staff should clean on which day. That’s why Operandio lets you customise your checklists to your heart’s content.

#5 Ensure Your Weekly Cleaning Schedule Is Complete

With every cleaning task known to us written down, it’s easy to fill in your weekly cleaning schedule and delegate each task among your staff. 

Once your staff are performing their weekly cleaning tasks, it’s important for you to keep track of when those tasks are completed. Operandio lets you keep track of when tasks are completed, and helps you communicate with your staff when they are not.

A Detailed Weekly Cleaning Schedule Template

Want to Make Your Weekly Cleaning Schedule Easier? You Need Operandio!

With Operandio, it’s simpler than ever to set up your weekly cleaning schedule and ensure all staff take responsibility for their tasks.

Dynamic checklists, in-platform messaging, and a forward-thinking design allow you to say goodbye to paper cleaning calendars forever.

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