How To Calculate Staff Productivity in Retail: Measure Retail Store Productivity & Performance

By David Rigbye November 26, 2021

Do you want to know how to calculate staff productivity in retail, but you’re unsure what the best employment management software tool is? 

The importance of productivity can not be overstated, regardless of your industry. After all, it is the most tangible way of measuring the growth and success of your business. In retail, your staff’s ability to produce sales determines your long term profitability. That’s why you need to know how to calculate staff productivity in retail.

That’s why Operandio is one of the best operations & digital checklist software staff productivity tools available. It comes with numerous functions that help you calculate the productivity of your retail staff.

How do you measure workforce productivity in retail?

There are many methods that you can use when it comes to how to calculate staff productivity in retail. While no particular method is the be-all-end-all, these methods can be combined in order to give you an idea as to how successful your business currently is.

Input vs Output

This essentially boils down to how much your staff puts into your business (i.e. employees, time, etc.) versus how much your business gets as a result (i.e. profit, number of sales). By determining how many sales you generate or how much profit you make per employee or per a certain number of hours, you can determine your business’ goals going forward. 

Task Completion

Another way to measure staff productivity in retail is by measuring how many tasks you set for them that they are able to complete. If tasks are not being completed, you can then determine whether it is because of procedural problems that require addressing. 

Specifically, if you are able to measure whether or not your retail staff are meeting their KPIs, you will end up in the best position to figure out how your business needs to change in order to boost productivity. 

Additionally, you can benchmark how your staff are performing across all of your business locations, allowing you to easily determine the performance of your entire business. From there, you can calculate whether there needs to be procedural changes for the entire business or a single branch. This boosts the efficiency of your business immensely, saving you time and resources. 

Time Tracking

Staff need to be completing tasks in a timely manner. If certain staff members are taking significantly longer to complete their tasks (whether it’s a certain number of sales, the time taken to close/open the store, etc.) than other members of staff, then that needs to be addressed. If this is not taken into account, it can have negative long-term effects on the productivity of your business.

Customer Satisfaction

They say that the customer is always right. While some customers are too difficult to please no matter what, the opinion of the majority of your customers says a lot about the productivity of your business. A positive customer experience tends to translate into sales, so it is always a good idea to have a thorough understanding of the consensus that customers have surrounding your business.

How does Operandio help measure productivity in retail?

Operandio is more than just employment management software. With it, you can:

  • Ensure that all documents are digitized for your staff to access
  • Give your staff seamless access to business-wide messaging
  • Keep track of the progress of your staff’s tasks and ensure their completion

… and more!

Improve efficiency

Operandio digitizes your processes so you don’t have to spend time coordinating your staff as they have all the information they need in one easy-to-use application.

Use fewer resources

With Operandio, you can store all of your processes and tasks without having to write them down as it eliminates the need for paper and stationary.

Stay on top of everything

You can view and update all tasks and processes seamlessly. You’re able to see what tasks have been completed and follow up on tasks that still need to be done.

Expand Your Business Effortlessly

With Operandio, all of your information can be updated as your business grows. It is easy to keep track of any changes in staff and procedures with Operandio.

Lower Your Insurance Premium

On your SOP action and compliance records, you can keep a stamp of important details such as date, day, time, location and employee. This proves the insurability of your business.

How much is Operandio going to cost me?

There are currently two pricing plans for Operandio’s Operations & Digital Checklist Software.

  • Business, which is ideal for managing day-to-day business operations for an affordable price, as you’ll receive:
    • Unlimited process & task management
    • Team communication & news feed
    • Business Knowledge Base
    • Manager dashboard & notifications
    • Unlimited 24/7 support
  • Enterprise, an option for large or complex businesses that require custom configuration, where you’ll receive everything in the business plan, and:
    • Detailed reporting
    • Bespoke roles & permissions
    • Custom organization structure
    • Custom billing terms
    • Dedicated Enterprise support

Request an Operandio demo today, and take control of your business.