Staff accountability is the key to a successful business

By David Rigbye June 2, 2020
  • Did you know that employee and team accountability is key to a successfully run business?
  • Are you looking for more accountability from your employees?
  • If you can get employees to execute on their daily tasks and checklists, you’ll be free to concentrate on  concerns in your business.
  • Operandio will help you achieve just that in real time!
Businesses with non-desk based workforces use Operandio to manage their day-to-day processes and keep their staff accountable

Why staff accountability is so important

Accountability determines what tasks/processes get done as they should and which fall through the cracks, either by accident, time constraints or because they get ignored. These factors are especially pertinent to hourly employees.

It determines how effectively tasks/processes get completed. 

It determines how timely tasks/processes get completed.

The problem of staff accountability

Generally the problem of accountability lies in the execution of processes in place. 

You can have great processes in hand, but if you do not have a complete and real time overview of those processes, the execution of such processes becomes compromised.

This doesn’t necessarily mean your employees are ignoring their duties, it could be they simply don’t remember, or there’s no culture of accountability in your business.

How Operandio can help achieve staff accountability

Once you have consistent and effective processes for your business in hand, visibility is the key!

Operandio is a digital platform where you can create and manage checklists and processes for all the tasks that keep your business running. It will help you improve with the execution and consistency of daily duties in your workplace.

Operandio checklists are set to appear when they need attention, and disappear once they’ve been completed properly. The right jobs always appear to the right staff at the right time – it helps guide your workers through their day.

Because Operandio checklists and processes are set to appear when they need attention, your staff will get reminders of both upcoming, and overdue, jobs and you’ll be able to see exactly who completed each task and when.

If some tasks or processes cannot be completed as planned due unforeseen circumstances, Operandio will help you prioritise these for the next day.

Establishing good routines and practices each day through our digital timely checklists and processes, will improve your team’s efficiency at completing them and develop a culture of accountability in your workplace.

If you’d like to see exactly how Operandio can help with team accountability and other areas in your business, request a demo today.