Automated Food Temperature Monitoring For Restaurants

By David Rigbye June 28, 2022

Automated food temperature monitoring for restaurants is crucial to ensure their longevity. Monitoring and regulating temperature plays an important role in the storage of food, which means you can’t afford to implement half measures. 

That is why Operandio offers temperature sensor technology that is efficient, easy-to-use and that allows you to:

  • Get instant, accurate and detailed temperature readings in real time
  • Receive SMS and email alerts whenever there is a potentially dangerous temperature change
  • Monitor multiple places at once; including display fridges, industrial fridges and freezers, and even server rooms
  • Observe changes in temperature and relative humidity over an extended period of time

What features does it involve?

Operandio’s temperature monitoring solution for restaurants consists of two parts that operate perfectly in tandem to comprehensively monitor the temperature of their location. 

The Sensors

The sensors are these small units that you can easily install into any kind of room that requires temperature monitoring. They can be used right out of the box and they only take minutes to configure and connect to your existing Operandio account, making them a simple yet effective solution.

The App

In order to interact with these sensors, you use our intuitively designed smartphone app which allows you to efficiently monitor and make updates on the temperature of your food storage spaces. Once the app is installed, the following procedure occurs:

  • All changes in temperature are instantly recorded by the app
  • You can immediately check all temperatures using the app
  • You are instantly notified when there is a problem, allowing you to respond immediately
  • You significantly reduce the risk of appliance malfunctions that would otherwise grind your business operations to a halt
  • You can even prevent problems by observing trends in temperature changes
Operandio - Temperate monitoring and alerts
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Why do I need a temperature monitoring meter?

We said earlier that food temperature monitoring is crucial for restaurants, and we most certainly mean it! There is no beating around the bush; if your restaurant does not adequately monitor the temperature of its food storage, you have a severe problem that needs addressing.

But why? Here are the reasons why automated food temperature monitoring is a non negotiable:

To ensure the safety of your food

Everybody knows that food needs to be stored in a specific temperature range in order to be preserved properly. We have heard too many horror stories in which a restaurant doesn’t adequately regulate their food storage, resulting in them serving hazardous expired produce to their customers – don’t make the same mistake!

Automated temperature monitoring means that you have an accurate temperature reading whenever you need it, which means that you can easily react to any major changes as soon as possible, significantly lowering the risk of food expiration.

To reduce product loss and improve sustainability

Food wastage is a major problem with all kinds of restaurants. The unfortunate reality is that, once it expires, your only option is to throw it away. Not only is this a costly problem for businesses that suddenly have to pay to replace their stocks, but also contribute to the issue of the food industry wasting approximately 250,000 tonnes of food per year.

With automated temperature monitoring, you can prevent food expiration, resulting in a more profitable and sustainable restaurant.

To eliminate human error

Automated food temperature monitoring eliminates the need for your staff to extensively monitor and document temperature changes. Because these processes are automated now, your staff can focus their efforts on other tasks, giving you new opportunities to boost your company’s productivity.

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To keep everybody alert and reduce downtime

We have pointed out how food expiration is a problem that costs money to fix. However, it also costs a lot of time as well, because a major cause of food expiration is technology failure. Temperature monitoring allows your staff to anticipate potential technology failures and react accordingly, saving time and effort in the process.

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