How Do You Measure Workforce Productivity?

By David Rigbye October 31, 2022

At Operandio, we get asked ‘how do you measure workforce productivity’ a lot. It’s easy to understand why, because it’s a great question! Productivity is something that should be on the minds of any business owner. No business has ever seen success while ignoring employee productivity.

It’s easy to talk about employee productivity, but how are you going to know for sure whether or not your business is productive? This article will help you measure your employee productivity, and outline how productivity software Operandio can help you. It is a dedicated software solution, built by business owners with productivity in mind.

What is the meaning of workforce productivity?

Workforce productivity describes the output of a business over a specified period of time. If your business has high productivity, it means that your workforce is able to complete business productivity objectives regularly and in a timely manner.

Why do I need to measure workforce productivity?

You need to measure workforce productivity because it is an important indicator as to whether or not your current business productivity strategies are working. If you are noticing downward trends in your employee productivity, you need to make changes to how your business is operating. Productivity should not be taken lightly, after all.

If employee productivity decreases, it not only affects your ability to meet the needs of your customers, it also demoralises your staff, which can lower their employee productivity too. That’s why Operandio is an employee productivity software solution that you should use to measure and increase your employee productivity.

Eight ways to measure workforce productivity with Operandio

And how? There are many different ways to measure workforce productivity – especially with a dedicated employee productivity software solution like Operandio. Sometimes, too much choice can be a bit overwhelming for a business – and you’re just looking to boost employee productivity without all the preamble. That’s why we’ve decided to make things easier for your employee productivity with this article. 

Below, we’ve listed the eight best ways that we’ve found to measure for employee productivity. You’ll efficiently gain the best understanding of your employee productivity if you measure with these methods.

By how many objectives are completed

Operandio helps you measure employee productivity by tracking business objectives. If you notice while you measure that a significant number of your business’ employee productivity objectives are completed on a regular basis – it’s usually an indicator that your business is all good in terms of employee productivity.

Alternatively, if the measure you conduct shows that your business’ employee productivity objectives are not being completed – affecting your productivity, you can use Operandio to see which employee you delegated tasks associated with that employee productivity objective to and then contact them accordingly. 

By how efficiently those tasks are completed

Completing tasks is important for employee productivity, but not at the expense of time and resources. Operandio lets you keep track of how much time it takes for an employee to complete productivity tasks, helping you measure how long they take. 

So if you measure these and find that tasks are taking longer than expected and affecting your employee productivity, you can address this in a variety of ways, including;

  • Finding the employee that’s responsible for the drop in productivity and giving them feedback
  • Updating your knowledge base with information that might help boost employee productivity
  • Conducting new employee training procedures to boost productivity, etc.

By whether or not your workforce is meeting your baseline standards

As a business owner, it is important to have clear baseline employee productivity standards that can be met, as these help you measure how well your workforce is performing. There can be strong implications for your business’ employee productivity if a measure suggests that your baseline employee productivity standards are not being met.

Using Operandio, you can measure employee performance and then contact your employees and determine the best course of action to aid their productivity, such as revising your employee productivity standards in your knowledge base, or working with a specific employee to help them better understand your employee productivity standards.

By counting the number of tasks your workforce completes per day

Operandio helps you count the amount of daily employee productivity tasks completed by your workforce each day, helping you measure employee performance. If a measure helps you find a sudden drop in completed tasks, it suggests that something is significantly affecting your employee productivity.

With Operandio, you can find the employees responsible for the drop in productivity and work with them to find an effective solution. 

With qualitative feedback you can check at your own discretion

While the numbers that you measure certainly paint a vivid picture of your business’ employee productivity, it’s also important to take the opinions of your staff into account. If they have an idea that could significantly improve your business’ employee productivity, it is in your best interest to hear them out.

With Operandio, you can communicate freely with your staff regarding employee productivity and observe any feedback they have to give you. You can also respond with your own employee productivity feedback, as Operandio is a platform that encourages collaboration in order to boost employee productivity.

By checking whether or not your business targets are being met

A business’ productivity targets are broad in possibility. You can measure specific productivity metrics (i.e. specific profit, number of objectives, etc.), or they can be more qualitative in indicating productivity, such as a positive customer response.

If your measure finds that your business’ productivity targets are not being met, Operandio lets you take a structured approach to figuring out the solution for your productivity; as you can survey individual tasks conducive to said business productivity targets and identify who is accountable.

By tracking the process of individual employees and the entire workforce

Don’t forget that, while collaboration is important for productivity and for a business to succeed, sometimes it is the efforts of a single individual that can cause problems with productivity. This can be for a variety of reasons, and all that it means is that you will need to work with this employee to determine a solution and raise their productivity.

For example, if there is a gap in the knowledge of that employee that is causing them to underperform and lower their productivity, you can use Operandio’s knowledge base to help them improve productivity. 

How do I get Operandio to measure my workforce productivity?

If you want to use Operandio to measure your workforce productivity, all you need to do is sign up. Request a demo for Operandio today, and increase your workplace productivity.