Top 11 Best Trail App Alternatives

By David Rigbye December 22, 2022

Thanks to the deluge of Trail app alternatives available, hospitality operations management has become easier than ever. Gone are the days of needing to use paper and pen for records such as checklists and procedure documents that would be time-consuming to write up and difficult to store. Now, we have elegant software solutions that do the job for us.

Trail is one such app which guides hospitality teams through their day, from opening checks and food safety to cashing up. You can make checklists and forms, and compile reports for your staff using information that Trail collects.

However, Trail is not an app for everyone, which is why we’ve got a list of Trail app alternatives that do everything Trail can… and more!

What are the best Trail app alternatives?

We have a list of exemplary hospitality applications that provide all the same functionality as Trail, but with a little something extra that’ll boost your business and get the best out of your employees. 

Without further ado, here are the best Trail app alternatives;

  1. Operandio

If you’re looking for an app that’ll take all the hassle out of business management for a wide range of industries, not just hospitality, you can’t get much better than Operandio. 

It offers powerful hospitality management features, such as;

  • The ability to seamlessly create recurring tasks, checklists and procedures that can be accessed by your staff anywhere at any time. That way, there is never any confusion about what tasks need to be completed by whom.
  • A knowledge base that you can update with all the business and knowledge training that your staff is ever going to need, saving your workforce a lot of time and effort.
  • Messaging functions that connect your entire workforce and allow for easy communication.
  • Complete mobile scalability – Operandio can be accessed through phones and tablets with optimised apps for Android and iOS, so your workforce can access and complete their daily tasks even when working on the frontline.

Additionally, Operandio is affordable for businesses with two pricing plans that cover the needs of any hospitality business;

There are currently two pricing plans for Operandio online checklist.

  • Business, which is ideal for managing day-to-day business operations for an affordable price, as you’ll receive:
    • Unlimited process & task management
    • Team communication & news feed
    • Business Knowledge Base
    • Manager dashboard & notifications
    • Unlimited 24/7 support
  • Enterprise, an option for large or complex businesses that require custom configuration, where you’ll receive everything in the business plan, and:
    • Detailed reporting
    • Bespoke roles & permissions
    • Custom organization structure
    • Custom billing terms
    • Dedicated Enterprise support

Register for a demo, to see how the Operandio app can streamline your business operations

  1. Carbonara

Carbonara is an app that’s less about coordinating your workforce, and more about the experience your customers have with your restaurant, cafe or bar. It has an online reservation system that is customizable based on hours, days and even tables; and SMS integration, table management and statistic collection that is emailed directly to your inbox.

  1. Menumiz

Menumiz is a restaurant management app with point of sales (POS) functionality. Its most popular features include a digital menu creator and table side ordering, so you can create menus that your customers can access and order from via their personal devices, as long as they download the Menumiz app to their phones. 

  1. Poster POS

As the name suggests, Poster POS is an app that primarily focuses on POS functionality. However, it’s also known for its visual editor. Not only can users create menus for their customers to access, but you can also design and edit floor plans of your restaurant to help staff navigate your floor space.

  1. Linga rOS System

Linga is an app that is ideal for coordinating deliveries from your hospitality business. It contains a delivery dispatch module that lets you group orders based on destination and estimated arrival time, resulting in efficient deliveries. It also contains basic table management functionality and key performance indicator (KPI) dashboard that offers insight into net sales, refunds, transactions, etc.

  1. FoodZaps

FoodZaps is a mobile ordering and POS system for Android. Its goal is to streamline customer ordering and payment processes, and facilitate product order entry via android devices. In addition to one-click ordering, FoodZaps also lets you digitize your menu and view it in various options such as a list, grid and by category.

  1. honeybeeBase

honeybeeBase is a small cloud-based restaurant management solution that offers basic functions such as task and employee management, scheduling, time tracking, absences, file sharing, etc. What makes honeybeeBase stand out from other entries in this list, however, is its quiz functionality. You can test the knowledge of employees with custom quizzes you can create based on your standard operating procedures (SOP).

  1. Loyverse Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Loyverse KDS is an app designed to work with their other app, Loyverse POS. While Loyverse POS is designed to facilitate transactions, the goal of Loyverse KDS is to record and display customer orders, making them easy to view from the app as they are neatly organized with modifiers and notes.

  1. Orderly

Orderly is a US based management system for small restaurants that specialises in inventory management. It provides a dashboard that enables users to track weekly sales, food spend budget, waste, theft, and supplier pricing. In addition to its standard $195 a month subscription, users can get the “Food Ops” and “Bar Ops” add-ons, that offer extra features pertaining to restaurant and bar management.

  1. SmartSwipe

With SmartSwipe, retailers & restaurants have the ability to manage payments from a single, secure platform. Using the SmartSwipe native iOS app and free credit card reader, users can manage electronic payments on the go from an iPhone or iPad. SmartSwipe also promotes a wide range of hardware for restaurants, like barcode scanners, Magtek card readers and star TSP printers.

  1. Deputy

Deputy is a restaurant management platform that emphasises employee coordination with all-in-one employee scheduling, time & attendance tracking (digital time clock), tasking and communication functionality. It also offers self-service apps for employees, allowing them to clock in and clock out easily using their phones.

What is the best Trail app alternative?

The best trail app alternative is Operandio, for a variety of reasons. Not only does it come with the extensive functionality that we mentioned above, it is also;

  • Easy to use, regardless of whether it is being accessed by management or staff
  • Always available, as it can be accessed and used from any device
  • High performance, as Operandio has been optimised to always provide feast response times when it’s in use, even in high stress situations
  • Entirely scalable, in that it does not become any less optimised or lose performance when used on different devices such as phones or tablets
  • Adaptable, as your use of Operandio can be customised depending on the functions and metrics that you need to successfully run your business
  • Secure, so you can enter all the information that your staff need without worrying about unauthorised access or data integrity problems 
  • Affordable, so you can focus on making your business all the more profitable without needing to worry about your Operandio subscription

If you like what you’ve read, and you’d like to use Operandio as the ideal Trail app alternative for your hospitality business, request a demo for Operandio today.