Jolt Alternative: Best Jolt Alternatives & Competitors 2023

By David Rigbye January 11, 2023

If you’re looking for restaurant management software, Jolt App is a name that gets thrown around a lot. That certainly makes sense, as it is a cloud-based restaurant management software that is used by many businesses in the hospitality sector. 

However, there are Jolt alternatives and competitors available that may suit your business better. That is why we’ve constructed this list, so you can see the many options that are available, and which one is best for you. 

Operandio – Top Competitor and Best Alternative to Jolt?

Operandio is the perfect alternative to Jolt, providing a complete workplace management software suite that applies seamlessly to multiple industries, including hospitality. From Operandio, you can monitor, manage and communicate with your staff across all aspects of your business. You have full control over how your restaurant operates.

Features – Operandio vs. Jolt

Set up checklists and tasks for processes specific to your business

Task tracking to improve staff accountability

Easy task delegation for individuals, teams, divisions or even entire branches

Hassle-free procedure updates that alert your entire staff

The ability to replicate your business processes across multiple locations

Create ad hoc, non recurring processes with ease

Extensive template library and a robust process builder

Task tracking, so you can monitor KPIs and deliver feedback when necessary

Business Knowledge Base that allows you to create and store instructional videos, how-to guides, manuals and standard operating procedures

Powerful search functions that provide your staff constant access to every aspect of your Knowledge Base using simple keywords

A communication hub that connects you to your workforce, allowing you to:

provide instant, actionable feedback to your staff

share information and documents

get instant confirmation that messages have been read
Jolt features real time tracking for time and management

Attendance and time management for both managers and employees

Jolt allows automatic task tracking

Integrated time clock feature for logging clock punches for employees

Schedule editing via a drag and drop interface

Smart warning and alerts

Jolt is build over 18 types of customizable task checklist

Jolt lets you decide when the tasks are due

Centralize audit results for future analysis

Mobile apps for swapping shifts, checking schedules, etc.

Jolt generates audit results-based scores

Other Alternatives to Jolt and Competitors 

Of course, there is the possibility that you read the features listed above and think “okay, but Jolt is not what my business is looking for”. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with more competitors for restaurant management software. Now, they’re not as complete as Operandio, but they may have what you’re looking for.


Toast, another Jolt alternative, is an all-in-one point of sale (POS) system that caters to restaurants and other businesses in the food service industry. On top of its transaction-related POS functions, Toast offers other features such as reports and inventory management. Waiting staff can take orders, send orders to the kitchen, and manage their customers’ bills and payment options from anywhere in the restaurant.

While many praise its ease of use, financing programs and superior customer service; some take umbrage with particular aspects of Toast. It can be difficult to set up, it comes with additional costs for features and add-ons, and using it locks your business into Toast payment processing.

POSist Restaurant POS

POSist Restaurant POS is a POS system that offers scalable, reliable, and easy-to-use restaurant technology, enabling restaurants to automate their operations. From its supportive customer service to its reporting capabilities to its levels of customisation; there is a lot to like about this Jolt alternative.

However, it’s not without fault. Many have noted that it can sometimes have performance lag or the occasional software bug. Additionally, bills cannot be edited after five days, which some find to be too short a timespan.

Lightspeed Restaurant

Lightspeed is restaurant management software that was built specifically by small and medium-sized restaurants with their own online e-commerce store. Its features include table management, reporting and inventory management, order management, offline mode and payment and support functionality. 

However, its incompatibility with Android and the substantial cost of its add-ons make it an alternative to Jolt that might not be particularly viable for a sizable number of restaurant businesses.


HungerRush (formerly known as Revention) is a restaurant POS system that includes restaurant management capabilities, delivery services, payment processing, customer engagement tools and digital ordering options. Its diversified ordering channels and its 24/7 customer service have garnered praise.

A downside to this Jolt alternative, is that HungerRush is somewhat undone by its lack of transparency and its contract length. In order to use HungerRush, you have to take a bit of a gamble considering the website doesn’t disclose its pricing, and using it locks you into a three-year contract.


Zenput is a platform used to automate how operating procedures, public health and food safety protocols, and other key initiatives are rolled out and enforced. Similar to Jolt, its core capabilities include task management, audits and corrective actions, incident management and operational intelligence. Its advantages come in the form of its ease of use and the accessibility it provides.

However, its ease of use does not extend to certain crucial areas. People have reported struggling with certain functions such as operating, reporting and customising forms. 


Restaurant365 is a cloud-based solution which similar to Jolt, assists restaurants with inventory management, operations, performance tracking, payment processing, multi-level approval flows and more. It provides customizable reports on metrics such as sales, menu items, labor, inventory and food and recipe costing. 

While Restaurant365 has powerful invoice, expense, sales and labour tracking, it does struggle in the transactions department. Some have reported that the program can lag when classifying transactions. Additionally, credit cards and banks don’t always connect, requiring the user to manually import transactions or reconnect the bank.

Looking for Jolt alternatives? Operandio will transform how your frontline workers operate

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