Best Gym Management Software in 2023

By David Rigbye January 23, 2023

Are you looking for the best gym management software in 2023?

If not, you absolutely should be.

Gym management software plays an integral role in the experience of both your staff and, by extension, your customers.

The better you equip your employees to perform their job, the higher quality their customer service will be. 

This is for a number of reasons that we will elaborate on in this article; including the automation of processes and the resources provided to your employees. But, for now, all you need to know is that the best gym management software will ensure both the longevity and the growth of your fitness business. 

Why is Operandio the Best Gym Operations Software?

The simple reason as to why Operandio is the best gym management software is because it is an all-rounder.

There are many factors that gym management software has to excel at, and Operandio is one of the few to actually do so.

Operandio is a premium gym management software solution that provides a wealth of features, including:

  • A fully mobile platform that works seamlessly across multiple devices
  • Easy booking functionality so you can keep track of all the important variables surrounding classes you’re hosting, personal trainer sessions, etc.
  • Simple yet comprehensive data reporting so you can visualise your gym’s success (and potential areas for improvement)
  • A robust sales platform that allows you to keep track of all the subscriptions that your customers have, and any extras such as training modules or merchandise
  • Marketing tools that allow for automated promotions and personalised email campaigns for your customers
  • Communication tools that effortlessly connect both you and your staff to make sure everybody is on the same page, etc.

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What are the runners-up?

But other gym management software solutions exist, and they all have their own individual benefits too. Here are the runners-up when it comes to the best gym management software, and the field that they excel in including:

  • Bookings;
  • CRM;
  • Sales and Finance; and
  • Marketing.

Gym Booking

Booking is certainly an important part of gym management software, as your gym will no doubt be hosting classes and PT sessions that you need to keep track of. Mindbody is gym management software that is well known for its seamless scheduling and AI powered front desk, making their booking experience easy. However, it has also been criticised for buggy software and unresponsive customer service.

Another alternative that excels in terms of booking is Glofox, renowned for its intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows for easy scheduling. It is slightly more difficult to use in terms of client onboarding, and the mobile app could use some fine tuning, but it also has strong customer support.

Gym Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customers are the most important part of your business, so you want to ensure that your gym management software cultivates your relationship with them. PushPull is one such software solution that makes maintaining customer relations easy with its communication tools and member app. However, its software platform is susceptible to bugs from time to time.   

TeamUp is another gym management platform that is praised for its CRM functionality, which allows for easy interactions with customers. Its platform has faced criticisms for its limited approach towards the creation and bulk editing of courses.  

Sales and Finance

Sales functionality is important in the management of gyms, as you’re processing many memberships, each that usually have their own individual aspects (e.g. classes, PT sessions, etc.), so it is important that your software can keep up. Pike13 is one such software, making it easy to keep track of sales and memberships, at the expense of staff management, where it is comparatively functionally limited.

Virtuagym is another sales-driven piece of gym management software that makes the task of navigating numerous sales records easy, thanks to a user-friendly interface that somewhat offsets the lengthy set up process.


How do you get customers? Once you’ve gotten customers, how do you retain them? Gym management software contains marketing tools that keep you connected with your customers through emails and text messaging. 

IGNITE and are both examples of gym management software that excel at this particular point, with many citing the ease of use that they provide for all kinds of marketing campaigns that they can tailor towards gym customers.

Areas of your gym business you can automate with software

Gym management software is a tool used to manage all aspects of running a gym (or a similar fitness business). It allows for both business owners to keep track of members, employees and schedules.

Many organizations use gym management software to help train employees remotely, although not all them have a mobile platform. Some companies offer free gym management software solutions while others charge monthly fees.

There are many tasks that make running a gym difficult, and gym management software helps to make these tasks more manageable. This can be through a variety of methods including automation, reporting and delegation.

Examples of important gym management software features include:

Automated Billing

Gyms have large numbers of clientele. The last thing you want to be doing is manually chasing every single customer up on their subscriptions. However, it is important that your automated billing system works, as nothing rubs customers the wrong way than a billing system that charges them incorrectly. 

Automated billing ensures an up-to-date record of what is owed and allows your business to be paid more efficiently with improved customer service. Any gym software worth its salt has additional key features such as no-show penalties, cost of cancellation and late fees payment. After all, you want the payment process to be as painless for everybody; both you and customers alike.

Digital Contracts

This is a non negotiable if you want your gym to stand out from the rest. Not only are pen and paper contracts a cumbersome filing nightmare that typically leads to clutter, they’re also a security risk in the event that you misplace a copy. And yet, there are still many gyms that rely on paper contracts (our guess as to why is as good as yours).

Digital documents are an invaluable tool, as they streamline all kinds of processes such as signing up new clients, and they are much easier to find and pull up in the event that you need to refer to them for legal considerations.

Easy Online Sales and Engagement

A lot of potential customers already feel self conscious about needing to join a gym in the first place. So, the easier you make it for them to sign up, the better. This is one of those instances where gym management software can help really significantly.

This is because it allows for a seamless link with your website and online presence, in which  new members can easily go from discovering your gym to signing up 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can also use gym management software to offer discounted classes and trial membership to spark interest.

Customer Communication Management

While it is crucial to maintain communication between your employees in order to ensure the smooth operations of your business, it is equally important to encourage a dialogue with your customers as well.

The best gym management software not only offers you a marketing channel that you can use to engage customers via emails and text (and acknowledge significant milestones, including client birthdays and anniversaries). It also allows you to collate your customers’ responses into qualitative yet actionable reports that you can use to inform the running of your gym going forward, making changes wherever necessary.

Real Time Reports

Gym management software can be used to conduct a variety of real time reporting. Examples of this include keeping track of your financials, daily reports and metrics, which allow you to address any irregularities. 

Another example of important reporting is whether or not tasks are being completed by the right people and in the correct time frame. If the reports are showing irregularities in this field, than it is easy to hold the right people accountable and ensure that the correct changes are made in order to create a more productive outcome. 

How Can Operandio Help with Gym Management?

Gym management software offers a variety of solutions to:

  • Motivate employees, by making their work easier to perform and showcasing their successes
  • Encourage employee collaboration by giving them a versatile communication solution
  • Ensure that accessing content is always easy, so there’s never any frustration from frontline employees as their needs are being met
  • Address employee shortcomings with data-driven insights, so employees always know where they can improve

Easy to access digital procedures and checklists

Say goodbye to the inefficiencies of paper and pen checklists and procedures and the potential for human error when handling documentation. Thanks to Operandio, all of your employees have easy access to all the procedures they are required to perform, and the checklists that detail their daily tasks.

Instant communication and feedback

Operandio provides a means for your entire staff to easily contact each other, regardless of the size of your workforce. That way, your frontline staff never have to deal with the frustration of not having their needs be addressed while they’re on the job. You don’t need to worry about wasting time and effort on micromanaging everyone, as the Operandio online digital checklist allows you to easily delegate tasks and provide instant feedback. 

Access to any necessary information

One of the more draining aspects of running a gym is keeping staff abreast of the many standard operating procedures and protocols employed in your business operations. This is especially hard in gyms, which often have rotating rosters in which the team is regularly split up.

However, your staff need to know when changes are made as soon as they are made in order for their productivity to not be affected. Operandio offers a solution to this problem by providing functionality that allows you to easily store and update your standard operating procedures for any of your employees to find when needed.

Optimized software for a variety of industries

There are many who think that all-rounder software might not be compatible with a particular industry that is as niche as fitness. However, they could not be further from the truth.

Operandio has been tailor made to function seamlessly for a variety of industries, including;

Regardless of your industry, Operandio comes with all the functionality that you need.

Where Can I Get Operandio for My Business?

There may be a lot of software solutions that exist to streamline your business operations, but none of them are as effective and as refined as Operandio. No other business software will allow you to benchmark performance across your staff and site, elevating your business to the same degree as Operandio. 

Operandio was founded by business owners who know firsthand the difficulties that arise from running a process intensive business with a never ending list of daily, weekly and monthly tasks. It is this knowledge that Operandio used to create the perfect software to address these problems. As a result, Operandio effectively serves all kinds of businesses in multiple industries, regardless of size. 
Get your Operandio demo today, and take control of your business in ways you’d never have thought possible.