Family Entertainment Center Software: How GoClimb Streamlined Their Daily Operations

By David Rigbye January 12, 2023

Family Entertainment Centers, like GoClimb, use Operandio’s family entertainment centre software to manage, digitize processes and streamline daily operations.

What should your Family Entertainment Center Software be able to do for your business

When it comes to family entertainment centers, your software needs to be up to the task. It should be able to handle a wide range of essential functions:

  • Managing staff workloads and checklists; 
  • Facilitating ticketing and admissions; 
  • Streamline customer management; 
  • Scheduling and reservations;
  • Inventory management; 
  • Venue analytics and reporting insights.

With the right family entertainment centre software, you can effortlessly manage staff tasks, allocate workloads, and facilitate ticketing and admissions for your customers, creating a seamless and effortless experience. Build customer loyalty with more effective customer relationship management, encouraging customers to come back time and time again.

But that’s not all – your software should also help you make better-informed decisions about your business. With detailed reporting and analytics, you can gain valuable insights into your operations, helping you identify areas for improvement and optimize your performance.

Overall, family entertainment centre software is a critical investment for any business in this industry. By choosing the right software, you can streamline your operations, boost efficiency, and create a more enjoyable experience for your customers.

What is Operandio Family Entertainment Center Software?

Operandio family entertainment software is one of the most complete workplace management software solutions on the market. It contains many of the features needed to streamline daily operations and procedures for family entertainment businesses across a wide range of industries.

Interview with Family Entertainment Center Customer

We talk to Deborah Pilatti, Center Manager at GoClimb, a multi-attraction family entertainment centre located in Melbourne, Australia and learn how GoClimb use Operandio to run their day-to-day operations.

“What I’ve also noticed is that our young staff are forming better working habits using the software”

David: Hi Deborah, tell us about GoClimb and your role in the business?

Deborah: Hi David! GoClimb is a multi-attraction indoor family entertainment centre located in Melbourne, Australia.  We offer a range of activities for all-ages including Clip ‘n Climb fun walls, a large ninja obstacle course and soft play zones for children under 12 years of age.  We have several function rooms, a large mezzanine area for private bookings and a fantastic café! We have a predominantly casual workforce of around 35 staff and the business is operationally very intensive with high safety standards and very busy peak periods on weekends and school holidays.

David: Can you tell us about some of the challenges you were facing as a manager in a business like this and why you decided to implement Operandio?

Deborah: Sure. As a business we have a long list of tasks that staff in various areas of the business need to complete on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This includes things like opening checklists, cleaning checklists, climbing equipment checks and a range of other procedures that need to be completed in our café ranging from cleaning kitchen equipment through to how the food displays need to be prepared and presented every morning. 

Deborah: We had been managing these processes using paper-based checklists and a white board, however with a casual workforce we found it very difficult to keep on top of things and ensure that processes were getting done properly and consistently.  We also didn’t have a good system for communicating changes to processes or updates to our team so we made the decision to implement Operandio and it has completely changed our business!

David: Great. How do you use Operandio in the business?

Deborah: First, we used Operandio to digitize all of our recurring processes and checklists.  We have communal tablets in the venue where staff can access the Operandio Kiosk App so all staff know exactly what needs to be done during their shift.  We have found that things no longer slip through the cracks and there has been a major improvement in the consistency that tasks are performed from one staff member to the next. 

What are the benefits of Operandio’s digital checklists feature? 

The benefits of Operandio’s digital checklists feature include:

  • Improving your business’ overall efficiency by providing staff with a list of all the tasks that need to be completed, so they always know what they are expected to complete on a daily basis.
  • Provides quality assurance and consistency in the service you provide to your customers by creating a routine for staff in which they know exactly what to do at any given time.
  • Reduces errors and makes them easier to solve, as checklists keep staff aware as to what exactly they need to do, leaving less room for error.

Deborah: Secondly, all GoClimb staff have the Operandio app installed on their phones and we use Operandio’s Comms Hub to provide business wide updates to staff.  We also use it to provide feedback or comments to individual staff and groups of staff that work in specific areas of the business such as the kitchen.

Deborah: Finally, we have also started using Operandio’s Knowledge Base to create how-to instructional videos for various tasks that need to be performed in the business.  For example, we have created short videos explaining how to clean the deep fryer and how to reset the Point of Sale system if it goes down, as it does from time to time.

How does Operandio’s knowledge base feature work?

Operandio’s knowledge base offers a real time workforce training platform that allows you to;

  • Create instructional videos, how-to guides, manuals, and standard operating procedures;
  • Adapt the way you share knowledge to the needs of your company;
  • Integrate instructional videos, guides, and documents into your daily processes and workforce communications and;
  • Take advantage of your smartphone or tablet to create training videos and modules so staff can access it remotely.

Deborah: What has been really useful with the Knowledge Base function is that new staff can very quickly get up to speed on the operations and generally require less face-to-face training. 

Deborah: We have also tried to move away from having physical paper manuals in the office or the kitchen and instead have uploaded all these documents into Operandio where the staff can search for them quickly as they need them.

David: It sounds like you have really embedded Operandio into your day-to-day operations. Do you keep an eye on productivity?

Deborah: Yes, it’s now certainly embedded in the DNA of our business.

Deborah: In terms of staff productivity, this is something that has been very difficult to manage and track – especially when I’m not physically at the centre barking orders at our team but I’ve found the Operandio dashboard extremely useful to keep an eye on productivity and make sure things aren’t slipping through the cracks.  

Deborah: What I’ve also noticed is that our young staff are forming better working habits using the software as it brings structure to their day-to-day work and they know that I’m keeping an eye on operations, even when I’m not physically at the centre.

How can Operandio help improve staff productivity for family entertainment centers?

Different factors affect staff productivity, and so there are multiple steps you usually have to take if you want to effectively enhance productivity in your family entertainment centre business. The following functionalities of Operandio Software can help improve your staff productivity:

David: How did you go about training staff to use Operandio?

Deborah: Well, we ran a brief training session and stepped through the basic features and what we intended to use the platform for.  The app is extremely easy and intuitive to use so our team picked it up quickly. 

David: Thanks so much for your time today Deborah. We’re really glad Operandio is adding value to GoClimb!

Can Operandio help me streamline operations in my family entertainment centre? 

Operandio definitely can! Streamlining daily operations is our speciality, and Operandio is a software tool that provides all the tools your family fun entertainment centre need to effectively streamline your business.

These tools include;

  • An extensive library of checklists that help you delegate and track employee tasks, no matter what your industry
  • A comprehensive progress tracker that helps you identify when tasks are being completed (and why when they’re not)
  • A large scale knowledge base with a powerful search function, so that you can store all of your procedures where they can be accessed by your employees when needed
  • Multiple communication tools so that you can easily (and quickly) contact your employees and deliver feedback when needed

Start creating, managing and improving your workforce processes. Request a demo for Operandio today.