Freezer Temperature Chart

By David Rigbye February 21, 2023

The freezer temperature chart plays an important role in how any food-handling business operates. That’s why one of Operandio’s many important features include temperature monitoring for fridges and freezers. With the freezer temperature charts that Operandio can generate, you will always be aware of the temperature of your cold storage, and therefore the quality/safety of your food.

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Why is it important to use freezer temperature charts?

It’s always important to use whatever means possible to ensure that the quality of your food in cold storage does not end up compromised. Freezer temperature charts are one of the easiest and most efficient ways to monitor your freezer, as they offer comprehensive temperature readings without requiring an extensive amount of effort, the way other temperature monitoring methods do.

How does Operandio monitor freezer temperatures for freezer temperature charts?

There are two parts that encompass Operandio’s temperature monitoring system:

  • The sensors, which are small units that  you can easily install in any part of your business in a manner of minutes, where they will monitor and record the temperature in real time
  • The app, which you install on your phone the way you would any other phone app, and which allows you to read the recordings made by the sensors

The readings made by the sensors are collected into the freezer temperature charts, where they can be read from any of your business’ devices.

What is a Freezer Temperature Chart?

Freezer temperature charts are documents that consist of a graph that records the temperature of cold-storage such as fridges or freezers at multiple intervals. These recordings document any dramatic changes in temperature, highlighting when the temperature reaches a level that could compromise the safety or quality of the food. They also document trends that could help you identify the cause of a significant change in temperature.

What information appears in a freezer temperature chart?

Freezer temperature charts are simple documents. They just include recordings of the temperature of a fridge or freezer, on a specific day, at significant times (such as 8am, 12pm, 5pm and 8pm) that usually denote the start and end of shifts. 

By focusing on specific and significant times, you have a constant surveillance of your cold storage temperatures without bombarding you with too many recordings.

Why is it important to maintain proper freezer temperature?

It is very important to maintain a proper freezer temperature to ensure that your restaurants’ frozen foods stay safe and high quality. Some of these important reasons include;

Food safety

Freezing food at the correct temperature can prevent harmful bacteria from growing. The freezer temperature should be at or below 0°F to keep your food safe. 

Food quality

Proper freezer temperature helps to preserve the quality of your business’ frozen foods. Keeping the temperature consistent and low can prevent freezer burn, which can cause food to dry out, become discoloured, and lose its flavour and texture.

Energy efficiency

Maintaining the right temperature can help your freezer work more efficiently and save you money on energy costs. If your freezer is too warm, it will have to work harder to keep your food frozen, which can use more energy.

Longer storage life

Freezing at the correct temperature can extend the storage life of your business’ frozen foods. Many frozen foods can be stored for several months or even up to a year if stored at the correct temperature.

How does Operandio’s automated freezer temperature monitoring system benefit my business?

Good question! There are many reasons why your business stands to benefit greatly from Operandio’s automated fridge temperature monitoring system, including;

A simple set up process

Not only does the easy set up of Operandio’s fridge monitoring system save you time, it also removes the chance of a costly error during the process.

The sensors can be used right out of the box, take minutes to install and connect directly to your Operandio account. From there, you can immediately start monitoring the temperature from the ap, and you’ll receive alerts in the event that the temperature has dropped to dangerous levels. 

An efficient temperature monitoring procedure

The faster you can respond to temperature changes, the higher your chances are of preventing technology failure. Not only does this significantly reduce wastage, it also reduces the amount of money your business has to spend on replacing expired stock and repairing damaged equipment. 

Because you don’t have to use paper and pen, thanks to Operandio’s effective temperature monitoring solution, you can respond quickly to any significant temperature drops, potentially preventing any food being spoiled (and any food wastage as a result).

An automated technical solution

Operandio’s temperature sensor technology eliminates the need for your staff to extensively monitor and document temperature changes. Because these processes are automated now, your staff can focus their efforts on other tasks, giving you new opportunities to boost your company’s productivity.\

Ensured compliance with food regulations

Not only should you keep your food storage effective for the sake of your food’s quality, you should do so because it affects the safety of your customers. There are government regulations that require businesses to maintain records of fridge and freezer temperatures to ensure that the temperature is being kept at a safe level. Operandio’s freezer temperature charts can help your business comply with these regulations and avoid any penalties.

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