Healthcare Training Software

By David Rigbye August 4, 2022

An important factor towards running a successful healthcare business is healthcare training software. There are many different reasons for this, but the most important is that healthcare training software makes the process of running a healthcare company as easy as possible. It allows you to easily:

  • Delegate and monitor tasks
  • Communicate with employees
  • Store and update procedures, etc.

But there are so many options to choose from, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the many options that are available based on their pros and cons. Keep reading, and you’ll be able to find which of these healthcare training software solutions are the best for you.

What is the best healthcare training software (and why is it Operandio)?

The answer to the question, “what is the best healthcare training software?” is unequivocally Operandio. It contains everything you need to engage your healthcare workers and integrate them seamlessly into your workplace.

We’re not just talking about features. Features are important, but more important is that these features come together under a cohesive user experience that streamlines the entire training process. That is where Operandio excels, as its wealth of features occur under an umbrella of intuitive design and a user-friendly build.

What features does Operandio include?

But, okay. Back to the features. After all, we brought them up, didn’t we? Features are important, as they’re the tools that facilitate the training of your healthcare staff. As a result, Operandio contains a multitude of reliable features built with the express goal of ensuring that your healthcare staff are equipped in every way to work comfortably and seamlessly inside your healthcare business.

Whether it’s cleaning and sterilisation procedures, front end customer care, administration procedures or anything in between, you have everything you need to train your healthcare employees on the workings of your business.

Operandio is mobile first

No matter what your industry, when you’re in the heat of the moment, you don’t want to have to consult a computer terminal just to find out what needs to be done. Checklist software needs to have a reliable mobile platform that works under pressure. One of the factors that makes Operandio stand out from the competition right off the bat is that it is one of the few to have a complete and reliable mobile platform. That way, you have access to all the features you need exactly when you need them.

Clear progress tracker for KPIs

Progress tracking is important, as it’s what informs your business strategy going forward. This is especially important regarding healthcare, as you want to be constantly improving your healthcare business for the sake of patient comfort and safety.

With Operandio, you can set quantifiable KPIs that you want your staff to complete. You can then track those KPIs, so you can see where your staff are succeeding, and the goals that aren’t being met and require more attention. That way, you always know whether or not your staff is on track.

Powerful search function for knowledge base

In healthcare especially, there is a considerable amount of procedures that healthcare staff are expected to memorise. These procedures are important, as they concern patient comfort and safety, leaving very little room for error. You need to be able to teach your staff how to perform these procedures in a comprehensive yet efficient manner.

Operandio makes this a lot easier by providing a knowledge base that is simple to both access and update. Not only can your staff access this knowledge base for all the information that they need, you can update your standard operating procedures and alert all of your staff to these changes, ensuring that nobody gets left behind.

But, what about the search function? After all, we brought up efficiency earlier for a reason. You don’t want your healthcare staff to be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information that sits inside your knowledge base. Don’t worry, Operandio contains a powerful and precise search function, so your staff will always be able to find exactly what they need when training.

Simple co-worker communication and employer feedback

Communication is key in any industry, let alone healthcare. You want your employees to be able to contact you when they need assistance, and you also want to be able to contact your employees whenever you need to give them feedback. 

We understand this at Operandio, which is why Operandio comes with a versatile communication system that allows all of your employees to contact each other, and send important attachments. That way, you will be in contact with your staff whenever you need to be.

Comprehensive template library across multiple industries

One of the best aspects of Operandio is that it’s a versatile platform. It works universally, and it can be tailored to fit your needs, regardless of what industry you’re in. Operandio has been tailor made to function seamlessly for a variety of industries, including;

Training software for frontline workforces
Operandio is a mobile-first Healthcare Training platform

What are the runners-up for healthcare training software?

Of course, not all healthcare training software is created equal. While we whole-heartedly endorse Operandio, it would be remiss of us to not mention the runners-up for the best healthcare training software.

All of the following options have their fair share of merits, and we recommend that you look into them if any take your fancy. After all, as much as we strongly encourage Operandio as the best healthcare training software, you should definitely consider all of your options to ensure that you end up with the best healthcare training software for you.

Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) designed to boost engagement and learning outcomes, while still being incredibly scalable and usable. Built to facilitate engaging learning experiences, this software can be used to train internal employees, customers, partners and more. 

While the software offers a high degree of flexibility and completeness, some reviews say that many of the processes and configurations could stand to be simplified, with clunky buttons and lengthy support waiting times also being cited.

Cornerstone Learning

Cornerstone Learning helps businesses provide a connected learning and growth experience for healthcare employees. It is a solution designed to dynamically understand your users, connect them to personalised opportunities for growth and help them develop the skills that will get them here to there.

This software excels with the strength of its reporting and administration functionality, which allows for seamless real-time communication of learning status and marketing of new programs. However, it has been criticised for not being particularly user-friendly, with certain functions being needlessly complicated to find.


Docebo’s multi-product learning suite aims to enable enterprises around the world to tackle any learning challenge and create a true learning culture within their organization. It is a suite of tools that work together to cover the entire enterprise learning lifecycle, from content creation, management and delivery to measuring learning impact and key business drivers.

This software is particularly known for its user interface, which many cite as one of the best. However, its latest update has resulted in a lot of bugs that have yet to be patched out.

HealthStream Learning

HealthStream Learning is a web-based learning management platform designed to help healthcare organizations create, organize, and manage regulatory compliance training for the workforce. Features include course library, data import, reporting, class roster, and data encryption.

Unlike the previous entries on this list, this software solution is the first to be built specifically around the unique needs of the healthcare industry. While the end result is fairly robust, it also has a bit of a learning curve when you first start to use it. 


MedTrainer is an all-in-one healthcare compliance solution designed for Medical Groups, Specialty Practices, Community Health Centers, Surgery Centers, Extended Care, Hospitals, and more. It was made so that Healthcare organizations of any size could easily stay on top of compliance requirements with an intuitive, cloud-based system.

And intuitive seems to be the operative word, with a lot of users praising its seemingly endless functionality. However, some of its attributes have been criticised for not being particularly user-friendly, and even challenging at times. 

Relias LMS

Relias learning management system tracks all of a healthcare business’ training in one place. From assigning and enrolling courses to tracking and reporting course completions, their training platform has been designed to save healthcare professionals valuable time and training costs.

This software is known for its extensive customizability, which offers a lot of flexibility and leeway for healthcare professionals. However, the software itself is not free of technical glitches, and it has been cited as somewhat lacking in the UX design department.


TalentLMS is a learning management system built for training success. Customers most commonly use the platform to onboard new employees (in-house or remotely), for compliance training, product training, skills training, and various other use cases. And, with the same account, it is possible to train customers, partners, and different external audiences, too.

This software has been called easy-to-use and even easier to customise. However, it has been criticised for its higher asking price and also its lack of online chat assistance without subscribing for a premium plan.

WCEA Learning and Content Management System

WCEA is a cloud-based learning management system designed to help medical organizations streamline learning and training for clinical management, allergies, diagnostic radiology, disorders, and other verticals. The platform includes course authoring tools, which allow organizations to create, upload, and manage custom courses via a unified portal.

In terms of healthcare training software, this solution in particular is refreshingly comprehensive. However, many have cited that it can be particularly buggy, with performance drops and the occasional crash from time to time.

What can healthcare training software such as Operandio do?

Healthcare training software performs a number of tasks that make the process of running a healthcare business easier. They provide a wealth of functions that a healthcare owner can use to aid their staff and improve their standard operating procedures. 

Operandio stands out by having all the features you need for optimal healthcare training software. Below are some of those important features:

Digital checklists to guide employees

Because Operandio digitizes your healthcare processes and checklists, it takes less effort to bring your healthcare staff up to speed with the workings of your healthcare, as they have all the information they need to perform their everyday tasks. You can also observe each of these checklists, so you always know which tasks are being completed and which ones require more attention.

Easy to access knowledge base and training

You can store all the information needed to train your employees in Operandio’s very own comprehensive knowledge base. Employees can easily access this information whenever they need it, and they will be alerted whenever you update that information. This results in employee training that is both efficient and effective, every time.

Instant communication and feedback

Operandio easily facilitates communication between you and your employees. Not only is it a simple process for your employees to ask questions while training, but you can easily provide data-driven feedback as well. This both saves time when training, and also lets your employees know that their needs are being met as they work. 

Comprehensive data analytics and metrics

Data is a crucial tool when it comes to healthcare training software. Operandio lets you record important data such as:

  • Knowledge and skills the frontline employee needs to understand
  • Case studies that can be used to aid employees
  • KPIs and whether or not they’re being met
  • Measurable growth in the business (i.e. profits, etc.)
  • Feedback between employees
  • Praise and complaints from staff interacting with frontline employees, etc.

These data analytics can be converted into important insights, through robust reporting functionality, that inform your healthcare and approach to training employees going forward. 

What is the best healthcare training software (and why)?

There may be a lot of software solutions that exist to streamline your healthcare training, but none of them are as effective nor as refined as Operandio. No other healthcare training software will allow you to benchmark performance across your staff and site, elevating your business to the same degree as Operandio. 

Operandio was founded by business owners who know firsthand the difficulties that arise from running a process intensive business with a never ending list of daily, weekly and monthly tasks. It is this knowledge that Operandio used to create the perfect software to address these problems. As a result, Operandio effectively serves all kinds of businesses in multiple industries, regardless of size.

Where can I get Operandio?

If you want to purchase Operandio, there are currently two pricing plans for you to choose from that will ensure you get affordable healthcare training software:

  • Business, which is ideal for managing day-to-day business operations for an affordable price, as you’ll receive:
  • Unlimited process & task management
  • Team communication & news feed
  • Business Knowledge Base
  • Manager dashboard & notifications
  • Unlimited 24/7 support
  • Enterprise, an option for large or complex businesses that require custom configuration, where you’ll receive everything in the business plan, and:
  • Detailed reporting
  • Bespoke roles & permissions
  • Custom organization structure
  • Custom billing terms
  • Dedicated Enterprise support

However, if you want to try before you buy, you can start your Operandio demo today, and take control of your healthcare training in ways you’d never have thought possible.