Employee Handbook: What is a Digital Employee Handbook and Why You Need One

By David Rigbye February 21, 2023

Does your business have an employee handbook? If your answer is no, then it is in your business’ best interests to have one. If your answer is yes, then it is in your business’ best interests to digitize it. 

That is why Operandio has all the features you need to turn your employee handbook into an accessible digital resource for your employees. 

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What is an employee handbook?

An employee handbook is a document that contains an overview of the company’s policies and procedures. Its purpose is to inform employees, so that they are always aware of their expectations, benefits, and rights; and company policies and procedures. 

The employee handbook is an important resource for employees to understand the expectations of the business and their roles within it, so that they are always equipped to perform at their best.

Why should my business digitize its employee handbook?

Your business needs an employee handbook. However, it’s also important that you digitize your employee handbook in order to improve your business efficiency and streamline your operations by;

  • Ensuring that your employees have access to the most up-to-date information at all times
  • Creating a framework where all the information in your employee handbook can be updated easily, with all employees being easily made aware of all changes
  • Sending digital copies of your employee handbook instead of having to deal with physical copies
  • Saving money, time and space on storage and organization

How can Operandio help me digitize my employee handbook?

What is Operandio?

Operandio is a workplace productivity software platform that provides a comprehensive suite of services for businesses to manage their operations. It is cloud-based, and it enables businesses to automate their processes, manage employees, track customer interactions, and store data in a centralised location that is accessible for employees. 

Operandio also provides a range of additional features such as analytics, reporting, and integrations with other third-party systems. Thanks to the many advanced features that make up its repertoire, Operandio simplifies the way businesses manage their operations and allows them to focus on growth.

How Operandio helps you digitize your employee handbook

Operandio provides an extensive knowledge base that is designed to help your employees quickly find answers to their questions, based on the information that you provide. The knowledge base can contain a variety of resources such as articles, videos, and tutorials to help your employees understand everything they need to know about your business (i.e. everything that would be in your employee handbook).

What else can I do with Operandio?

Not only can you create a digital employee handbook for your employees. Operandio provides the functionality for you to;

  • Delegate tasks using checklists created for many industries (or create your own checklists from scratch)
  • Track all the tasks that need to be completed, monitor KPIs to make sure they’re being reached, and provide feedback to frontline employees
  • Easily search any aspect of your knowledge base using simple keywords any time on any device
  • Update your procedures and notify your entire team at the click of a button, so your staff are always aware of what you expect of them.
  • Keep in constant contact with everybody in your business; whether you need to message individual frontline workers, specific divisions, the staff of a specific branch location, or everybody in your entire business
  • Use acknowledgements to prioritise important messages for your staff and make sure they are actioned by staff, then provide feedback to ensure that your staff are always aware of potential improvements that could be made

How do digital employee handbooks improve my business?

Increased efficiency

A digitized employee handbook increases business efficiency by providing your employees with access to all the information that they need both quickly and easily. Employees can access the information from any device whenever they need to, eliminating the need to wait for a printed version. 

Digital employee handbooks also provide a secure way to store and access important information, such as company policies and procedures, without the need for paper. By providing employees with immediate access to accurate information, businesses can save time and energy, enabling them to focus on more important tasks and projects. 

Cost savings

By having an online employee handbook, employers can avoid the cost of printing and distributing physical handbooks. Additionally, the online format allows for constant updates and revisions to the handbook, eliminating the need for additional printing costs. 

Additionally, the online handbook can also be accessed from any device, meaning employees don’t need to use physical resources to access the most up-to-date information. This also cuts costs associated with training and orientation, as employees can access the handbook on their own time and can refer back to it whenever they need.

Enhanced accessibility

A digitized employee handbook increases accessibility by making it easy for all employees to access the same up-to-date information and resources using their own devices. This eliminates the need for physical copies of the handbook and allows for the most up-to-date version to be available to everyone in the organization at the same time. 

Because employees can quickly and easily access the information they need using their own smart devices, they don’t need to search through a bulky and outdated paper document, which saves time and effort that they can instead focus on improving their work.

Heightened productivity

With a digital handbook, staff can quickly and easily access relevant documents and information, reducing the amount of time spent looking for the right material. Additionally, a digitized handbook ensures that employees have the most up-to-date information on policies, procedures and other important topics, streamlining processes and maximising productivity in the workplace.

Employee accountability

A digitized employee handbook promotes employee accountability by providing employees with quick and easy access to relevant information and policies, and their own individual rights and responsibilities. 

This helps ensure that employees are always informed and aware of the expectations of the company, and their own. This also helps to hold employees accountable for their own actions, as they are aware of the policies and procedures in place, and can quickly refer to them when needed.

How can I digitize my employee handbook with Operandio?

If you are looking to digitize your employee handbook with Operandio, there are currently two pricing plans available.

  • Business, a cost-effective way to manage day-to-day business operations, including the following:
    • Unlimited process & task management
    • Team communication & news feed
    • Business Knowledge Base
    • Manager dashboard & notifications
    • Unlimited 24/7 support
  • Enterprise, intended for large or complex organizations that require custom configurations, where you receive everything in the business plan plus:
    • Detailed reporting
    • Bespoke roles & permissions
    • Custom organization structure
    • Custom billing terms
    • Dedicated Enterprise support

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