Restaurant Training Software

By David Rigbye August 5, 2022

Do you run a restaurant? If so, you need restaurant training software. There are many different reasons for this, but the most important is that restaurant training software makes the process of running a restaurant as easy as possible. It allows you to easily:

  • Delegate and monitor tasks
  • Communicate with employees
  • Store and update procedures, etc.

What are the best examples of restaurant training software?

But there are so many options to choose from, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the many options that are available based on their pros and cons. Keep reading, and you’ll be able to find which of these restaurant training software solutions are the best for you.


Operandio is the ideal restaurant training software. It contains all the features and tools necessary to:

  • Eliminate paper checklists with optimised digital processes
  • Facilitate communication between your staff and your entire workforce
  • Create and provide a wealth of always up-to-date instructional videos, manuals and how-tos
  • Monitor organization KPIs and give feedback whenever necessary, ensuring employee accountability
  • Provide the perfect noticeboard so everybody knows when processes and procedures are changed in order to improve the business

The end result is an LMS that boosts productivity in the workplace by addressing all the issues that affect the ability of restaurant employees to deliver a high standard of work.


EagleOwl is a cloud-based restaurant management platform to help restaurateurs improve their bottom-line. It is considered by many to be a user-friendly and effective management tool for staff training, but users have cited bugs that affect the app’s back end performance and a slightly unoptimised mobile apps as well. 


Foodics is an All-in-One restaurant management & Point of Sale solution that helps business owners from all sizes and types to run their operations smoothly and with precision. It’s a well put together app, albeit a bit lite feature-wise (particularly when it comes to the Inventory Management System and exporting in formats other than SKU). 


HungerRush, formerly known as Revention and rebranded in 2020, is a restaurant software provider for full-service and quick-service restaurants, bars and pizza shops. The app itself is robust, but it comes with a series of caveats that can act as deterrents; including proprietary hardware requirements, a custom quote and a three-year service contract. 

Lightspeed Restaurant

Lightspeed Restaurant is a highly customizable iPad-based point-of-sale, or POS, system that scales and adapts to restaurants with widely ranging sizes, service styles and business models. The company behind this system is renowned for its stellar customer service, which is important because the software itself has a bit of a steeper learning curve than a lot of the entries on this list.


NCR Aloha Cloud is a cloud-based point of sale for restaurants boasting enhanced handheld devices the size of a smartphone, a refreshed, user-friendly UI and fast merchant payout. The standout for this particular system is the build of the software itself. However, the hardware that it comes with has been labelled as clunky, so you might need to get familiar with customer service.

Posist Restaurant POS

Posist is a B4B (Business-for-Business) company partnering with global restaurant chains in their digital transformation via its restaurant technology platform. This intuitively designed software has been praised for its user interface, strong back end and database. However, a lot of its features come in separate modules that you have to pay for.

Restaurant 365

Restaurant365 is a cloud-based accounting solution for restaurants of all sizes. Key features include accounting, inventory, banking, budgeting and analytics. Like a lot of entries on this list, this software is praised for how streamlined, in depth and easy-to-use it is. Of course, like a lot of entries on this list, you have to be willing to overlook a few bugs as well.


Toast POS is an all-in-one point of sale and payment processor that offers advanced features for quick-serve and full-service restaurants and runs on Android instead of iOS. This software is a solid solution for smaller restaurants, but it can be a bit unwieldy if you’re looking to train employees in a larger scale restaurant.


Specifically designed by restaurant people, Upserve by Lightspeed merges an easy-to-use interface with powerful POS features to modernise and streamline your restaurant operations. This software excels for training restaurant staff, as it’s easy-to-use and extensively customizable. However, this is somewhat offset by its buggy offline mode.

Training software for frontline workforces
Operandio is a mobile-first training platform for restaurants and hospitality businesses

What can restaurant training software such as Operandio do?

Restaurant training software performs a number of tasks that make the process of running a restaurant easier. They provide a wealth of functions that a restaurant owner can use to aid their staff and improve their standard operating procedures. Below are some of those important features:

Operandio is mobile first

No matter what your industry, when you’re in the heat of the moment, you don’t want to have to consult a computer terminal just to find out what needs to be done. Checklist software needs to have a reliable mobile platform that works under pressure. One of the factors that makes Operandio stand out from the competition right off the bat is that it is one of the few to have a complete and reliable mobile platform. That way, you have access to all the features you need exactly when you need them.

Digital checklists to guide employees

Because Operandio digitizes your restaurant processes and checklists, it takes less effort to bring your restaurant staff up to speed with the workings of your restaurant, as they have all the information they need to perform their everyday tasks. You can also observe each of these checklists, so you always know which tasks are being completed and which ones require more attention.

Easy to access knowledge base and training

You can store all the information needed to train your employees in Operandio’s very own comprehensive knowledge base. Employees can easily access this information whenever they need it, and they will be alerted whenever you update that information. This results in employee training that is both efficient and effective, every time.

Instant communication and feedback

Operandio easily facilitates communication between you and your employees. Not only is it a simple process for your employees to ask questions while training, but you can easily provide data-driven feedback as well. This both saves time when training, and also lets your employees know that their needs are being met as they work. 

Comprehensive data analytics and metrics

Data is a crucial tool when it comes to restaurant training software. Operandio lets you record important data such as:

  • Knowledge and skills the frontline employee needs to understand
  • Case studies that can be used to aid employees
  • KPIs and whether or not they’re being met
  • Measurable growth in the business (i.e. profits, etc.)
  • Feedback between employees
  • Praise and complaints from staff interacting with frontline employees, etc.

These data analytics can be converted into important insights that inform your restaurant and approach to training employees going forward.

What is the best restaurant training software (and why)?

There may be a lot of software solutions that exist to streamline your restaurant training, but none of them are as effective nor as refined as Operandio. No other restaurant training software will allow you to benchmark performance across your staff and site, elevating your business to the same degree as Operandio. 

Operandio was founded by business owners who know firsthand the difficulties that arise from running a process intensive business with a never ending list of daily, weekly and monthly tasks. It is this knowledge that Operandio used to create the perfect software to address these problems. As a result, Operandio effectively serves all kinds of businesses in multiple industries, regardless of size.

Where can I get Operandio?

Start your Operandio demo today, and take control of your restaurant training in ways you’d never have thought possible.